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The plan was to do this video talking about my favorite 3 items that I always keep in my bag. I thought about doing this video like our series of “survival gear” video, that Randy “Rawhide” Wurst did, and just just point to the bag and say “I’m not gonna get into it.”… Yep, that would have pissed everyone off, as there are a lot of viewers that want to know EVERYTHING that I carry, down to what I keep in my pockets and hidden in my belt (different video). So, I broke down and decided to show everything (within reason) that I keep in my “Woods” bag.

This is literally what I carry. When the film crew showed up, they saw it laying there in my office, and asked why we had not done a video on it yet. I had just done a hike through “Garden of Gods” in Illinoi, and it was still packed. All I had to add back to it was my “Woobie,” as I had it out on the couch.
Here’s a few notes for your bag.
If you make it too heavy, you wont carry it. Better to stay really light, as you are more likely to take it with you.

Food/Water/Shelter/Fire/Med/Como; but not in that order

Have a knife: I carry a Leatherman Surge in the woods

Fire: 2 is 1, and 1 is none. Plus, Fire can signal, cook food, purify water, warm shelter.

Como: If you are going off grid; but a Sat Phone.

Phone: Put the “Smart” in Smartphone. Have good apps, like Gaia GPS and Life360

My Mountain Serape is hands down my favorite piece of gear in the woods. Hill People Gear makes it,
code “tacrifle5” for a 5% discount

Water: If you aren’t in the habit of bringing water with you everywhere, don’t go outside. Ever.

Medical: Think Trauma, think cuts & bruises, think multi-use items.

Mobility: That’s YOU!!! Stay in shape. Wear good comfortable foot gear. Layer your clothes. Bring extra socks, to keep your feet dry.

I hope you enjoy the video, as a small glimpse into my life.

Yes, I enjoy hiking.

No, I don’t always walk around with a sniper rifle in my hands.

I’m actually looking forward to the comments about what gear our viewers would prefer.

Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR

My favorite source for Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, Riflescopes and Lasers –

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  • Garden of the Gods is in my neck of the woods. I hope you enjoyed the scenery while you were there. I had to rescue myself there on a solo winter hike in 2004. I grew up in the woods, and thanks to my dad I learned to hunt, and be of use in the woods, but on this particular day I was feeling froggy, and did some climbing with no rope. I was scaling around a cliff edge when my right foot slipped on some moss. The rest is like a dream in many ways. I woke up on the ground confused, but knew that I had fallen. I could taste blood, and felt like I had pieces of gravel in my mouth which turned out to be pieces of four of my molars. I was able to get to my med kit, find my mirror, and examine my face. To my shock my face was super swollen on the left side, and my tongue was sticking through a whole just under my bottom lip. Shock started to set in immediately. I was off trail, but took a bearing before going in. Now, this whole thing took about two hours, but I was concussed, confused, and time really didn't mean much to me at that point, but I knew I was hurt. It was starting to get dark, and I could feel a big change in temperature. To sum it up, I wrapped my face in gauze, pulled up my neck gaiter, and hiked 2.4 miles to my vehicle, but could not drive. I called friends who came immediately, Because later they said they knew something was wrong because I kept repeating myself, with 911 and I ended up with 14 stiches on my chin, 11 under it, and a broken jaw, which having that whole wiring, and drinking through a straw process for 6 weeks was worse than the fall. The fall was estimated to be about 15 feet, so even though I landed on rock, on my face. It could have been much worse. The takeaway? Don't climb rocks in winter around slippery moss without rope. And, I was no tough hero. What got me out of it was being familiar with my gear, my confidence in my ability to move in my environment, proper clothing, and forcing myself to stay as level headed as possible. That was the tuff part. I was loopy as hell, and kept having to remind myself of what had just happened, and that this wasn't a dream, and I had to get out. But, yea love Garden of the Gods, and I hope you did too. Thanks for all of the videos.

  • Can use thick gauge heavy duty garbage bag as a pack liner

  • Need a machete to chop thru thick brush

  • We often forget that everything amazing is very close, you just need to take a step! In nature, you feel life is real and you find peace in yourself. All problems seem very distant at this moment, and time seems to freeze! Good video.

  • Good to see someone who doesn’t need the kitchen sink for a day trip.

  • I’ll second those chocolate covered coffee beans. A coworker brought some to work from Seattle and they will give you a good “pick me up”. Random thought….. what about a sky rocket placed in a pvc tube for signaling high up?

  • Awesome video! As I put my kit together for hiking, I was wondering what to use instead of a poncho (they are bulky), this would not be a legit guide if the woobie wasnt included! I will have to check them out. The spectra line could always double as more cordage if needed, genius, and extra 100ft! This is not too much and definitely not lacking.

  • Does a Karl shit in the woods….? and if can you hear it…?

  • Cliff bars are crap….sugar, synthetic vit/min additives, and soy….(high in estrogen)
    All 3 big health no-nos. Wasaube almonds…ok

  • Think about packing a ultra-bright green laser pointer…they are lightweight and not too expensive. Sasquatch hate green lasers…messes with their vision…best thing to repel them without having to resort to gunfire. Bet you guys weren't expecting this one aye?

  • Tar'd nylon "bank line" (twisted) is much better and more versatile than paracord. And lighter for carrying. 550 is almost always more than you are going to need for normal tie-downs. Bank line comes in various sizes/strengths. I usually go for the 360lb tensile strength and it's thin 1/16 inch. You can untwist it easier than pulling out kernmantle for thinner segments. The tar helps hold knots well and adds to friction holds. Only slight downside (sometimes a plus) is that certain knots will bind together so stuck they are very hard to untie. Just use knots that won't bind as much for major load bearing if you want to untie them.

    When I do take paracord with me I use the USGI grade Type IV (750 cord). If you have to emergency repel with it just make sure it won't rub on anything too abrasive or sharp, as friction will fray it easily. I had to do this over sandstone cliffs when I got pinned in by a landslide out of cell range, and was lucky it didn't fray to failure as I had to swing to a safe ledge.

    You don't need a figure 8 for an emergency repel if you know how to tie a munter hitch around a locking carabineer.

    NEVER trust cheap store bought 550 cord with your life‼️ quality varies greatly and some of it literally has clothesline cotton cloth inside.


  • I am in the army now and am about a week and a half into AIT, either we didn’t get them yet or they unfortunately do not issue those poncho liners anymore. It seems we new guys are missing out lol.

  • when you tie a knot you decrease the strength of the rope that's why you dont repel with 550 bc it's working load is usually 150 or less

  • Very good, thank you very much

  • I took all your advice. .. .. survived!

  • Are you going to do a land navigation video with terrain identification?

  • No one would ever know you were a vet out on a hike Karl 🙂

  • Uh huh. That's what I thought.

  • 16:15 Fun fact if you haven't heard, issued woobies have zippers now!

  • Oh Karl now we know you are a softy! Love my poncho liner

  • What about adding a Springfield M6 Survival Rifle Separates s in half – Single shoe 22Long over .410 it is the rifle given to pilots in Nam??

  • Those wasabi and soy almonds are the shit! They have so much flavor and they clear your sinuses on a cold day. Good choice. 👍

  • Lovely video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered – Mahorrla Surviving Help Method (search on google)? It is a good exclusive guide for protecting your family during a national crisis minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy after many years got cool success with it.

  • Guy I would love to pick up a pair of those gloves. Hopefully you're still monitoring this comment section.

  • What I carry in my bag…..2 mins later I'm not gonna get into it okay NVM thumbs down

  • People have a saying, "Do bears shit in the woods?" Bears have a saying, "Does Carl shit in the woods?"

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