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My review of Swiss Army knife.


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  • What a mediocre review. Superficial.

  • I've never carved for hours, so I cannot speak from experience on that. However, I have played guitar before, and when I first started out, my fingers got really sore the first couple of days. I kept up with playing though, and eventually my fingers formed hard calluses, thus no more pain when playing, even for hours. My point, which is pretty obvious, would be that I'm strongly assuming that you will form callused palms if you keep up with carving for hours using that knife. Just my guess though. I am waiting for my RangerGrip 79 in the mail, and also going to likely get a SwissChamp after that. 🙂

    Genuine Victorinox (brand name) "Swiss Army Knives" are made in Switzerland, which is in Europe! Just north of Italy and east of France. 😛

  • Have you checked out the Felix Imler channel or book? It’s amazing what he can do with a SAK!

  • "It's a Swiss army knife…I'm not sure where this thing is made"🤦‍♂️

  • It's a wire stripper

  • Напиши пожалуйста что за нож он втыкает в начале ролика в дерево??????!!!!!!

  • I edc a SwissChamp. I know it's big and bulky but I don't mind at all, it's like having a toolbox in your pocket.

  • Swiss somewhere lmao. good review tho I like how u showed a function of the awl that's amazing

  • Nice review of an (imo) extellent knife.
    I never go outdoors without my Hunter SAK. It's not just the self-loking blade or the awesome efficient saw, it's the "overall usefulness" of this knife. A reliable companion for many Years.
    I also like the locking mechanism. For a left-hander (like me) the release shifter is on the correct side and place.
    (Most of the side-operated mechanisms are made for right-handers, so the release movement is "upside down" when the knife is used with the left Hand.)

    I never had bllisters from carving, but I agree: if You want/need to carve for several hours, there are better (more spezialiced) knifes on the market. (like eg. the Morakniv 120. Love it)

    P.s. the notch You think it's a wire bender is a wire stripper. This tool is also a screwdriver, bottle opener and can opener. The old/other can opener (with sharpened edge) works much better but this one does it's job too. Because I wear glasses, I also like to have the adiddional little screwdriver that fits in the korkscrew. It's the perfect tool to tighten the small hinge screws.

  • that awl is sweet…I have a different model with an awl. I've not taken it out with me, but I'll give it a try. good deal

  • Cheers for the video content! Forgive me for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard about – Lammywalness Your Dream Guide (google it)? It is an awesome one off product for discovering how to get a a FREE Edt multitool survival tool minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy after a lifetime of fighting got great success with it.

  • So I took an engraving tool to my workchamp that is almost the same as that. Then I really ruffed up the blade on the opposite side of the thumb nail groove. So now it's a one hand opening knife because my thumb can catch on the ruffed up portion and open it:)

  • I have to admit that I really, really do not like Swiss Army knives at all, but the Huntsman is the single exception.  Even it has that stupid corkscrew, but it also has some tools I can use, though I wouldn't call that a gut hook.

    Most people seem to be completely unaware of what a gut hook is for, and even sharpen them, which is the worst possible thing you can do.  A gut hook is not supposed to slice an animal's abdomen open.  That's a job for your knife.  A gut hook is supposed to do just what it says, Hook the Gut, and pull it out of the animal.

    This can be done after you open the abdomen, or maybe more often, it's done through a small incision so you can remove the gut while leaving the hide primarily intact.   It can also be done through the anus, which is a very common way of removing the gut from an animal in the field.  

    But a GUT is supposed to be HOOKED with it.  This is why it's not called an ABDOMEN SLICER.

  • Great review! I've just ordered the hiker to replace a Swiss Army knife I lent a buddy years ago and never saw again! Great for us in the uk as they are legal carry too. Best wishes brother

  • I have the Tinker, it's the small version of that, minus the saw, but has a small blade in it's place.

  • great knives at a great price

  • That notch is actually a wire stripper.

  • The awl is very handy! Have the same model myself.

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