T33 Plane Crash Trail Guide with a stock wrangler on 32s

Stock Jeep Wrangler does T33 plane crash trail near Boulder Colorado in a trail guide for wranglers, Cherokees, renegades, off-road Toyotas, and all others. The trail takes you to a plane crash of a T33. we’ll talk about the wreck in the video. This trail is also known as the Bunce School Road Plane Crash trail. The trail is covered in Funtreks North Colorado Book as well as TrailsOffroad.

Intro: 00:00
Trailhead: 00:49
Go Left: 1:21
Rough Begins: 1:51
Obstacle 1: 2:10
Rock Garden: 2:58
Obstacle 2: 3:54
Go Right: 5:20
Obstacle 3: 5:40
Tight in trees: 6:59
Parking: 7:07
Crash Site: 7:21
Zach’s XJ: 8:20
KL Preview: 8:50

Zach Huck: Jeep Cherokee XJ, more on that in future videos
Dewie Jones: JK Rubicon – 3.6L, Manual, STOCK, 32in Kenda Klevers (see tire review video)

Channel Info:
My name is Dewie Jones and I’m the reluctant host, videographer, and video editor for the channel. I’ve daily driven a wrangler my entire driving life starting with a 1997 TJ and now I’m in a nine year old 2012 JK. I like the challenge of driving a stock wrangler on tough trails. My buds are not new to wheeling either, but for their own specific reasons, now wheel aggressive SUV based off-roaders like KL Cherokees, 4Runners, Land Cruisers, VW Touregs, and Renegades. We decided Colorado Mallcrawlers was a funny name so that’s how we got here.

For trail planning, I use the Funtreks Books (amazon search: Funtreks books). I have the current editions of the Colorado books and Moab. I finish up my trail planning with trails offroad as they can sometimes have more detail as well as user submitted current conditions feedback. I’m testing GPS apps and currently don’t use one. Here’s my video that tells you how I do it.

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As always, thanks for watching!! Your feedback helps me, so let me know if you can help me improve these. Share them with your nervous wheeling buddies (the Facebook groups never let me… self promotion apparently) so they can know that they can do the trail. Subscribe for more trails and off-road content.

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