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Hiking First Aid Kit Basics

This is a look at the custom First Aid Kit that I take hiking with me into the mountains. This is an evolving kit, so by no means is it complete or perfect. The main injuries my kit will cover include what I consider to be the most common; cuts, scrapes, sprains/strains, and Bites (Snake or insects). I am by no means an expert, but I do have training in First Aid and CPR. I find it […]

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Backpacking Gear for a 3-Day Hike

LINKS BELOW! ⬇️ -Teton Hiker 3700: -Dry Bag: -Dry sack set: -MSR Pan Handler: -Backpacker’s Trowel: -Stove: -Pack towel (new): -Dr. Bronner Soap: -Soap uses: -Sawyer Mini filter: -Coast HL7: -Paracord: -Medical kit: -Moleskin: -Gerber Dime: -Packable rain jacket: -Rain pants: -Vapur water bottles: -Source 3L bladder: -Blue pad: -Hammock with bug net: -Eno ProFly: -S2S stuff sack: -Eno Atlas straps: -Klymit Static V: -Cocoon silk liner: -S2S Trek Down Sleeping Bag: Disclaimer: Some of the links […]

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Wilderness Hiking Safety Tips with HDT

Being prepared is very important especially when going into the wilderness, Even if it is just for the day. Comment Below on which one worked best? The Whistle, Yelling, or the Compass. Please Subscribe, Comment, and Like Other Videos! Troll Defense tactics (a bit graphic) My letter to the Government (pass it on) Have Courage and Stand Up Wax Cotton Ball Shotgun Slugs Airport iPhone Creeper A Rednecks Way Of Life The Ammunition Crisis and it’s Effect […]

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