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My low-budget hiking gear.

8/19/19 – UPDATE!!! – Backpack weighs – 3.2 lbs not 5.2 lbs Sorry. There were still some items in the pack when I originally weighed it. Also the hanging scale I used was incorrect I’ve recently learned. I will get corrected weight totals together as soon as I can. Hello all and welcome! In this video I share with you the items I took with me on my thru-hike of Sheltowee Trace. These items are not Ultra […]

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Budget Hiking Gear for Beginners

👍🏻 like 🖋comment📍subscribe and turn on notifications for new videos! 🔗Links: Ari’s Camp pillow: Ari’s backpack: Joe’s backpack: Compass: Water filter: Spork: Bidet: Sleeping pad: Camp stove: Cookware: Rain gear: Tent: Sleeping bag: Phone pocket: Sit pad: 💁🏼‍♂️ About this episode: My daughter and I are planning a fall section hike of the Appalachian Trail. But before we set out we did a “dry run” on the Ice Age Trail to test out our gear set up. […]

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