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Hikers vs Bikers

Hiker “Karen” gets into it with mountain bikers, over trail use. A huge thanks to Wicked Weed Brewing and HandUp Gloves for sponsoring this episode! A portion of the proceeds of this glove, as well as the proceeds of Wicked Weed’s Appalachia Beer will go towards the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC). Do you like beer and mountain biking? Help preserve our MTB trails by going to Handupgloves.com and buying the new Wicked Weed Appalachia Gloves or […]

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Linville Gorge North Carolina Hiking & Sun Safety Tips

Have you ever been on a mountain and wondered…”is this a great place to get a tan or what!?” If so, then this video is for you. Watch as old Tanny, and his close associate Big Noosani dole out the sun safety tips on location in Linville Gorge North Carolina. Tanny and Big Noosani have all the tips you’ll need to avoid getting a sunburn on the mountain. Most people know that at higher elevations, you are […]

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Catawba Falls Trail Guide

Here I show you how to get to and hike the trail to Lower and Upper Catawba Falls near Old Fort, North Carolina. The trail to Lower Catawba Falls is easy enough for any hiker to reach, but the trail to Upper Catawba Falls should only be attempted if you are an experienced hiker and have a hiking partner with you at the time. So much for that “once a week” plan, but that’s life. I will […]

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