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Best hiking in Southern California | Wind Wolves Preserve

We spot coyotes, elk, and some very energetic ground squirrels during a 12-mile hike at the Wind Wolves Preserve, a grassland and wildlife corridor between the California Coast Ranges and Sierra Nevada. In true #BadHikers fashion, we miss the sign saying the gate locks at 5 p.m. Brittany loses her mind over some wild melons and Andy puts his problem solving skills to the test. SUBSCRIBE for videos about #backpacking​ and #hiking​ FRIDAY is when we post […]

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The Best Backcountry Backpacking Trip in Southern California? 2 Days, 64 Creek Crossings:

No, that’s not an exaggeration: While backpacking in Los Padres National Forest, #BadHIkers cross the Manzana Creek 64 times in the quest to camp at an abandoned 127-year-old schoolhouse. Brittany is thrilled about vegan jerky, Andy makes some fish friends, and together we declare Manzana Trail Loop in Santa Barbara our favorite backpacking trip in Southern California. SUBSCRIBE for videos about #backpacking​ and #hiking​ FRIDAY is when we post videos. Subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s […]

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