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Hey there. You may have noticed that we changed the name of the channel to The Ultralight Mindset. You’ll still find tons of videos related to ultralight backpacking, hiking, and outdoor content, but also tips on living with less (ultralight) in your day to day life. Thanks for watching! This ultralight backpack is hands down the most comfortable pack I have ever worn. Not only that, it weighs 14 ounces, carries a full three season gear set […]

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When to Buy Budget vs Expensive Outdoor Gear | Backpacking, Hiking, Skiing, Climbing |

I’m a big fan of good budget gear, but there is a time and place where expensive gear makes more sense. Let’s go over when I think it makes sense to buy budget gear and when it makes sense to bite the bullet and buy expensive gear. I use this philosophy for backpacking gear, hiking gear, camping gear, skiing gear, and basically any outdoor gear I buy! — Here is a video where I compare a budget […]

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