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Safety Tips for Hiking in Bear Country

Hiking in Bear Country NOTE: The Adventure Travel Show podcast is part of the Active Travel Adventures podcast community. Learn how to hike safely in bear country plus how to determine whether a bear is a black bear or a brown (grizzly), and what to do if attacked by a bear. You’ll learn about proper food storage and how to hang a bear bag, and why bear spray is best. Former NPS biologist, Tom Smith, stated in […]

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Hiking gear

G’day guys, this is my hiking/backpacking gear i take whenever i go do a trek somewhere in tasmania. the gear generally stays the same from overnight to 2 weeks. i’ve had most of it for over 2 years, just replace stuff every now and then. if you want to know anything just ask i’m easy. Cheers. Source link

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Beginner's Guide to Evolution Trail, Galbraith, Bellingham MTB POV

**For the best explanation of proper body position on anything steep please see this tutorial from Christina Chappetta and Pinkbike This video is a guide to riding Evolution Trail for the first time. See how to safely ride the wood features and drops for the first time. If you are just getting into black line trails these tips will help you with any challenging trail. This is the first video in a series of beginner guides riding […]

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