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Catskills Hiking & Trail Pizza – Backpacking with our Dog

Join Sara, our dog Denali, & I for some Catskills hiking, trail cooking, backpacking, and hammock camping in upstate New York. GPS data For this backpacking trip, we’ll be hiking and camping near Slide Mountain and the East Branch Neversink River in the Catskills, complete with a visit to the summit of Table Mountain and Peekamoose Moose Mountain. The mileage will be low, but the star of this trip isn’t the trails. It’s the food. Good old, […]

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(NSFW NO KIDS) Best Dehydrated Meals/Snacks/Jerky For Backpacking, Camping, Hiking & Kayaking

⬇️Dehydrated Meals⬇️ Wild Zora : Harmony House : Peak Refuel : Trailtopia : True Primal Soup : Omeals : Food For The Sole : Mountain House : ⬇️Snacks⬇️ Kate’s Real Food : Taho Trailbar: Choc Zero : ProBar : Frooze Ball’s : FitJoy: Paps Beef Jerky : NOKA Superfood : Fatman’s Beef Jerky : Fire Creek Snack Sticks : House Of Jerky : Western’s Smokehouse Meatsticks : Sierra Madre Provisions Jerky : Cedar Creek Beef Jerky : […]

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