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Hiking to Shelf and Solitude Lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park

Day hike in the Glacier Gorge to Shelf Lake (11,220′) and Solitude Lake (11,420′), late summer, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. Timeline 00:00 – Sunrise at Mills Lake 01:43 – Glacier Gorge trail to Solitude trail 03:10 – Two Logs Lead the way to Solitude 07:19 – Shelf Lake 09:17 – Solitude Lake 10:39 – GoPro Hero 8 time warp footage 12:29 – Final Thoughts 13:17 – Photos from the Hike Hiking to Shelf and Solitude […]

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Foot Care for Hiking and Backpacking

Ever found yourself hobbling on a blister when out on a hike? Well that’s not okay! In this video we jump into a discussion about how to look after your feet when on the trail in order to allow you a smooth trip with minimal injuries to your precious feet. Physio tape: Here at Spend More Time In The WILD we are not afraid to dream big but we need people like you to help see our […]

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Colorado Hikes: Big Dominguez Canyon Virtual Trail Guide

Big Dominguez Canyon is a popular hike in the larger Dominguez Canyon Wilderness Area in western Colorado. This hike stretches for about 22 miles for a great backpacking trip. Day hikers (like Jackie, Juno and I) can hike about 10-12 miles RT to see much of what the canyon has to offer. I will fully admit that its probably best to hike this in the spring or later summer when the canyon still has water running through […]

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