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Is Hiking Too Expensive? What We Spend and How We Save

Wait, hiking costs how much per year?! Yeah, hiking can get EXPENSIVE. But remember, we’re including everything including the gas to and from the hikes, which is the biggest expense, and also hiking gear and overnight accommodations. In the end, if you use our tips for keeping costs down, hiking is a far less expensive hobby than almost anything else people do to entertain themselves. And way healthier and more fun! #hiking #budget #travel Source link

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Essential Minimalist Hiking Gear

Ok, you guys asked for it, so here it is – our complete hiking gear breakdown! We tend to focus on minimalist (often ultralight) hiking gear, so in this video we’re showing you our must-have items for out on the trails. This includes our hiking shoes (hiking boots, trail running shoes, climbing shoes/approach shoes), hiking apparel (favorite hiking pants/trail running tights, windbreakers/rain jackets, gaiters, hiking socks), Adam’s ultimate trail running vest, and more technical hiking gear like […]

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