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Hiking tips – 10 essentials – what to do if hurt or lost

In this video I tell you about the 2 most important things to do before you leave for your trip: – planning your hike – creating your emergency plan just in case something happens to you I also give you a list of 10 essential things to take with you with some explanation – these include things like food, extra clothing, water but also things people don’t think about such as things to make fire with, bright […]

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Hiking ALONE During a PANDEMIC in The Alps – Tour Du Mont Blanc

Hey, this is a film I made of my self, Hiking Alone during a pandemic along the TMB. So in the end of June 2020 I went for a 6 days hike along the TMB. Started in Courmayeur, through Switzerland and finished in Chamonix, France. It was barely a week after borders have reopened across Europe so there weren’t many people on the trail. This was my experience. Filmed using a Nikon D5500 and was inspired by […]

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