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Night Hiking Basics (Tip Videos) TWGR

A quick discussion and tips on night hiking! Welcome to my hiking tip series. To start, we will be taking a look at why night hiking should be an option for you. With winter upon us it’s getting darker earlier… but… there are reasons to get outside on a trail at night! Source link

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Arizona Hiking Safety guidlines and basic needs

When hiking Arizona trails safety always needs to be thought about. Here are some basic guidelines and tips to hike and explore safely in the Arizona area. Source link

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Hiking safety tips

As a passionate outdoor enthusiast I have been touched by the many lives that have been lost in Whistler, Squamish and North Shore Mountains. Many of these mistakes can be avoided if we take the time to get informed prior to venturing out. This video is dedicated to those who sadly lost their lives doing what they loved… It was created with the intent to inform and hopefully prevent the avoidable. Some of the information  included in […]

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To see more Tips Tutorials, and Hiking Videos do subscribe: HIKING SAFETY TIPS 1. Always carry a cell phone and know the emergency rescue numbers; 2. Before you head out, familiarise yourself with the route, terrain, difficulty and expected time required to complete the trail. Buy a map to be sure; 3. Don’t hike alone. If something happens to you, there won’t be anyone to call for help; 4. Pack a minimum of 2 litres of water […]

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Hiking Tips from Summit Hut: All About Hiking Shoes

Join Dana Davis (on location at Oracle State Park) of the Summit Hut in Tucson as she explains how to choose the right hiking shoe and other awesome shoe related info! Learn how to keep your feet as comfortable as possible on the trail to increase your time out there while reducing the chance of foot related injury. For more hiking safety tips, please visit Source link

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