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12 Safe Hiking Tips: Getting lost, avoiding animal attacks, handling the weather, and more!

The weather is now great for hiking. Connecting with nature has been shown to improve mood, assist the body in healing, and bond friends. Safe hiking allows you to enjoy things even more. This guide will give you 12 practical tips on how to hike safely and effectively. Check out the BLOG version here: Source link

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Missing 411 David Paulides Presents safety equipment needed for hiking in National Parks & Forests

David Paulides presents a comprehensive list of equipment you should have in your backpack when hiking in national parks and forests. This is presented in the backdrop of the iconic Glacier National Park in Montana. List of hiking essentials: Check the weather before you leave- Vitally Important. If in bear country- carry bear spray Map- Hard copy and trail guide GPS Compass Emergency Blanket Firestarter- waterproof matches, Bic lighter Dryer Lint (Fire Starter) Emergency Locator Beacon- SAT […]

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Is it SAFE for women to go solo hiking and backpacking? (Women speak up)

Is it SAFE for women to go solo hiking and backpacking? (Women speak up) In this workshop, I’m going to share with you MY opinion on solo hiking and backpacking and introduce you to some other badass women who have something to say about it as well. Read the FULL blog post here: If you want to learn more about what it takes to go solo… then make sure you check out my Outdoor Backpacker Starter Kit, […]

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Hiking Tips: How to Plan and Prepare for a Hike

How to Plan and Prepare for a Hike. Hiking is an excellent low-impact workout. Studies show it offers multiple physical and mental benefits. From reducing anxiety to preventing osteoporosis, hiking is an outdoor activity delivering benefits beyond scenic and fun. In this video I am sharing some hiking tips for beginners to make their first hike successful. To learn more about How to Avoid Ticks While Hiking, Tips For Pacing Yourself On The Trail, and Leave No Trace Seven […]

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Here are some spring hiking tips from Great Smoky Mountains

Always have a plan to communicate! More stories, here: Subscribe to WBIR for exclusive content: WBIR Channel 10 in Knoxville, Tennessee produces award-winning, community-centered content “Straight From The Heart” of East Tennessee. We strive to be good citizens, to do what is right, and to be fair and honest. We care. Follow WBIR on Social: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Source link

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Top 11 Tips for Hiking the Kungsleden

Because I got a lot of questions about the Kungsleden, I listed my top 11 tips to hike it! 0:00 – Intro 0:39 – Hike from South to North 2:21 – Use the Plan&Go hiking guide 3:20 – Buy a STF Membership card 4:29 – Don’t worry about getting lost 6:29 – Download the ‘Swedish Mountain Maps’-app 7:06 – Don’t take a load of cash (just for the boats and a little more) 7:37 – There is […]

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