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Me and brett hiking the river

athfinder Survival Bug Out Bushcraft Scouts Scouting Primitive Primitive Skills.Traditional Archery Bone Stone Tools Self Reliance Navigation Orienteering Tracking Trekking Camping Backpacking Hiking Tents Campfire Fire Wool Blanket Kit Emergency Preparedness Army Ranger Spear Hunting Cooking Fishing Game Cleaning Meat preservation Nature Naturalist Trapping Traps Primitive Traps Handdrill Bowdrill alcohol stove Source link

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10 Reasons to Take Your Kids Hiking in Switzerland

Here are 10 great reasons to take your kids hiking in Switzerland, based on our family’s experience hiking here for 12+ years. Please subscribe for weekly videos: More info about the hikes mentioned in the video on our website: Our family has lived in Zurich since 2005, hiking, biking, and skiing all over Switzerland with our kids. We post the details of each family-friendly activity with tips, logistics, maps, and lots of photos to help your family […]

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Mount Baldy Hike, Kananaskis, Alberta, May 15,2022

Mount Baldy is about 1 hour drive from the west Calgary city limits. It offers variety of different hike experience by introducing to advanced level of scrambling ,if someone wants to polish those skills. It has scree, steepness, scramble. Source link

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Directional dog training – agility, freestyle, hiking, for fun

cross training skills using directionals – for for any dog sporting competition or just for fun. A great way to build some distance and allow your dog to fly! great for freestyle – send outs, send around, figure 8’s, go touch for agility – get out, switch, go on, away for hiking – get off the trail right or left Source link

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Ep 3 Banff p.1 – Slow hiking with a mountain view, SUV camping, simple cooking, solo female travel

Not in this video…but I spent a wonderful 4 days in Calgary visiting friends! The social part of my trip, the I get to do my laundry part of the trip. I visited traditional Chinese medicine shops, had hot pot, went to the Zoo and had sushi with friends! So nice to catch up with everyone who I have met all over. … Now in this video I am in Banff! Trying out my hiking skills, only […]

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Hiking 25 Miles for Landscape Photography

I take on a 25 mile hiking landscape photography challenge. I hike the Yorkshire 3 Peaks with my Fuji X-T4 camera with the aim of taking 12 landscape images whilst completing the 25 mile route in under 12 hours. The photographs are not all keepers, but the point of this exercise was to exercise my body and my creative muscles. I would recommend the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge to everybody. It’s a great day out in the […]

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