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UK Hiking Survival Skills and Tips

While rambling in the UK countryside I give some amazing Hiking Skills, Tips & Hacks – in some situation these could be survival tips! This is meant to be a funny video – The tips in this video are however extremely powerful and should be executed by all hikers, walkers and ramblers – from experts to beginners. #Shorts Source link

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Hiking Tips for Beginners Video Four Quick Tips to improve your hiking skills today!

Hiking Tips for Beginners Video. Watch this video for four quick tips to improve your hiking skills today! Hello there my name is Craig aka thenaturalmedic and I have been an avid outdoorsman most of my life. Please like and subscribe to see more content like this! Please drop a comment with other hiking tips and tricks your might have for your fellow youtube hikers! Please follow me on social media… Instagram @thenaturalmedic Twitter @thenaturalmedi4 Facebook@thenaturalmedic Or […]

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New to multi-day hiking? Not sure where to start? In this video, I talk about a few basic hiking skills that you need if you want to walk a multi-day hike. This list shows only a few hiking skills that you might want to learn before you start hiking a long-distance trail. From how to pack your hiking pack to selecting the right gear, it is important to learn these skills before you start hiking. Feel free […]

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