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How I Pack All My Backpacking Gear Into A 50L Pack

How do you pack your gear into your backpack? With so many different sized backpacks to choose from and designs, here is a look at how you might pack your backpacking gear in your pack with the gear you take on trips. This video features the newly designed Waymark Gear LITE 50L frameless backpack, but the same rules apply for any backpack. Also understand that your gear may be different as well, in size and shape. So […]

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How to Pack a Backpack || REI

A well balanced and well packed backpack can feel a lot lighter than one that’s packed poorly. In this video, Miranda walks you through her guide to a perfectly packed pack. If you want to see what Miranda brings on her backpacking trips, check out our backpacking checklist video: And click here to read our article on packing and hoisting your pack: —————————————————— At Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), we love to get outside and play, and we […]

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