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Stealth Camping Beside Hiking Trail

This video is kind of boring, but you never know how the videos will go. We are on a road trip taking the stealth camping to different places around Alberta. We came to Lethbridge for the weather, but it was a difficult city to find any cover for a stealther. I camped under the stars beside a hiking trail with some new gear that turned out to be a little on the cold side. Source link

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I Survived A 20° Night And 15 Miles Of Hiking Through Snow

This week I decided to head down to the Zaleski Backpacking trail in southern Ohio. Hiked to camp one night where it got down to 20 degrees, then hiked all of the next day. Seeing as much as I could of what this beautiful landscape had to show. Besides the amazing scenery it also showed me things about myself. Some more winter camping and snow camping! The Music and Sound Effects I use in my videos: Also […]

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