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Official Rubicon Trail Off-Roading Guide | Harry Situations

The Rubicon Trail is on every off-roader’s bucket list, and for good reason. Not only is this trail a test of man and machine, but it is all breathtakingly beautiful and historically significant, with aspects dating back to the Gold Rush and even earlier to Native American foot trails through the area. These days though the Rubicon is best traversed in a capable 4×4 vehicle. It can be intimidating the first time you run the Rubicon, but […]

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A Skill Improvement Training Day for Incoming Off Road Consulting Trail Guides at AOAA Trails.

In this Off Road Consulting video we are going to show you some of the skill improvement training for Off Road Consulting trail guides. Off Road Consulting provides many services to the new Jeep owner, new Toyota owner or any new off road vehicle owner as well as the intermediate or experienced off roader. Off Road Consulting is based in Pennsylvania and focused on Pennsylvania off road trails primarily at two Pennsylvania off road park locations: AOAA […]

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