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Get Started Hiking 101/Tips & Tricks For Beginners

#hiking #howtohike #gideonstactical Combat Wipes: Combat Wipes On amazon: Great Place For Hiking Gear Backcountry.com: Hiking Shoes: Emergency Gear Supplies: Knives : Backpacks: Water bottles & bladders: Other Good Hiking Gear: Medical Gear LA Police Gear: 12% Off Your LAPG Purchase With Code GT12FORU Where To Buy On bladehq: Where To Buy On gpknives: Where To Buy On SMKW: Where To Buy On 5.11 Tactical: Paypal Link: Paypal Username: gideonstactical@gmail.com Where To Buy Knockaround Sunglasses: Where To […]

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Survival Gear for Hiking | What a Green Beret Recommends | Tactical Rifleman

The plan was to do this video talking about my favorite 3 items that I always keep in my bag. I thought about doing this video like our series of “survival gear” video, that Randy “Rawhide” Wurst did, and just just point to the bag and say “I’m not gonna get into it.”… Yep, that would have pissed everyone off, as there are a lot of viewers that want to know EVERYTHING that I carry, down to […]

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NEVER HEAD OUT Without These DAY HIKING ESSENTIALS! 2021 Day Hiking Gear Load Out.

GEAR IN THIS VIDEO: BACKPACK: RAIN JACKET: WATER FILTER: WATER BAG: SATELLITE COMMUNICATOR: INSECT REPELLENT: INSECT WIPES: MY BIG 3 (Shelter system, sleep system, and backpack): BACKPACK: TENT: HAMMOCK: TARP: TOP QUILTS: WARM WEATHER: COLD WEATHER: UNDERQUILTS: WARM WEATHER: COLD WEATHER: SLEEPING PADS: PILLOW: I’m an Ambassador for the Zoleo Satellite Communicator. Check it out, and see it it’s for you: Always practice Leave No Trace principles. Go to their website to learn more: _____________________________________________________ #backpacking #2021 […]

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