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Hiking Mt Tallac in South Lake Tahoe

Mount Tallac is one of the most popular trails in all of Lake Tahoe. It is easy to see why as it is a beautiful destination with insane views from the summit. The hike is 10 miles round trip with 3,000 feet of elevation and it is pretty tough so make sure you are prepared for it. Here is all the information if you want to see what the hike entails and you can read more at […]

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ONE SMALL STEP | My First Solo Backpacking Trip

In June I ventured out into California’s Desolation Wilderness on my first solo backpacking trip. As someone who loves spending time in nature so much, it was hard to believe that at age 28, I was just now going on my first solo overnight in the wild. Why can it sometimes be so challenging to make space for this kind of adventure? As I moved through this incredibly beautiful landscape, that is the question I found myself […]

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