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Backpacking SAREK NATIONAL PARK Pt1, Sweden, Hiking The Kings Trail to Rapadalen, Grand Scand Ep16

6 days camping in Arctic Sweden, Sarek National Park. I Hike Kungsleden/The Kings Trail for a day and a half and then climb up above the less visited south side of Rapadalen, This is the Grand Scandinavian Hiking & Backpacking Tour Ep16. Part 1 of 3 from Sarek Nartional Park. I have finally reached Sarek National Park, north of the arctic circle. In this episode I start from Kvikkjokk in Norrland and follow Kungsleden north into Sarek […]

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Backpacking Norway, Jotunheimen National Park Pt2, 63mph Winds, Grand Scandinavian Hiking Tour Ep10

I experience some heavy storm with 28m/s 63mph winds in my trusty Hilleberg Soulo tent. Part 2 of the 9 day backpacking trip in Jotunheimen National park, Norway. Episode 10 of “The Grand Scandinavian Hiking & Backpacking Tour”, In this episode I go from Visdalen, right under Galdhøpiggen, via Leirvassbu and Olavsbu to utladalen and Skogadalsbøen and start up Skogadalen. This is the 25+ episode Grand Scandinavian Hiking & Backpacking Tour through Norway & Sweden from the […]

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