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Ultralight backpacking hiking gear alcohol stoves for hiking backpacking

You like the hammock I’m sitting in? Shop ENO Hammocks – David explaining the bottle stoves – David using the stove – If you’re planning on getting into hiking and backpacking and your considering different types of gear a good study is the aluminum alcohol stove. Very lightweight and fuel efficient using Heet or denatured alcohol. These stoves made from aluminum beer bottles are perfect for hiking backpacking gear, BOB, SHTF prepping and survival. Source link

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#newtechgadgets​​ #gadgets​​ #camping Topics : TOP 10 NEW CAMPING GEAR & GADGETS YOU MUST HAVE 2021 You can also buy these product from its Official Website ————————————————————————————– Instagram ➡➡ ————————————————————————————– Which invention did you like best? Write in the comments. ————————————————————————————– ✔Links ————————————————————————————– JETBOIL GAMMA FLEXTAILGEAR LIGHT WATER PURIFIER LIFESABER CARWINK LIFE TENT SURVIVAL SHELTER TITAN SURVIVOR STEET FERRO ROD COMPANION – EMERGENCY SURVIVAL SYSTEM NEMO RECLINING CHAIR CRUA HAMMOCK CULLA 🤔🤔TOP 10 NEW CAMPING GEAR & […]

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Wilderness Hiking Safety Tips with HDT

Being prepared is very important especially when going into the wilderness, Even if it is just for the day. Comment Below on which one worked best? The Whistle, Yelling, or the Compass. Please Subscribe, Comment, and Like Other Videos! Troll Defense tactics (a bit graphic) My letter to the Government (pass it on) Have Courage and Stand Up Wax Cotton Ball Shotgun Slugs Airport iPhone Creeper A Rednecks Way Of Life The Ammunition Crisis and it’s Effect […]

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