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7 MORE True Scary HIKING & CAMPING Stories

7 MORE True Scary HIKING & CAMPING Stories includes accounts from individuals who experience the beauty that is nature, and also its brutal terror… CHECK OUT MORE Hiking, Camping & Outdoor Stories here! — NEW HORROR VIDEOS EVERY MON, WED, & FRIDAY 7PM EST►► HAVE A STORY TO SUBMIT?►Reddit.com/r/LetsReadOfficial or join the many communities! Reddit/r/letsnotmeet Reddit/r/paranormal Reddit/r/nosleep MERCH STORE►► ►True Scary Stories Playlist – ►Subscriber Stories Playlist – ►Creepypasta Playlist – ►True Ghost Stories Playlist – ►Livestreams […]

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How to find people to go hiking and backpacking with? | Facebook, reddit, REI an more

Before we met, I remember that it was sometimes hard for me to convince some of my friends to hike with me, either because of interest in different things or simply because of different time schedules. I tried different ways to find people to hike with. Some of them are mentioned in this video: 1- Facebook Groups 2- Meetup Groups 3- REI classes and outings 4- Reddit communities 5- Make friends on the trail We are Habiba […]

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