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Hiking safety tips

As a passionate outdoor enthusiast I have been touched by the many lives that have been lost in Whistler, Squamish and North Shore Mountains. Many of these mistakes can be avoided if we take the time to get informed prior to venturing out. This video is dedicated to those who sadly lost their lives doing what they loved… It was created with the intent to inform and hopefully prevent the avoidable. Some of the information  included in […]

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JUAN DE FUCA TRAIL: A Backpacking ADVENTURE on Vancouver Island!

The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail covers 47 kilometres of dense, coastal forest. The trail carries alongside and over beautiful pebble beaches, waterfalls, suspension bridges, and the occasional pit of mud. The trail lies just south of the popular West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, and is often hiked as a more-accessible alternative. The JDF offers incredible scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities but doesn’t require any permits to be secured in advance like the WCT does. The […]

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