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Hiking the West Coast Trail – BC's Most Iconic Backpacking Trail

The West Coast Trail is a 75 km point-to-point hiking trail along a remote stretch of the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island. Originally created in 1907 to help rescue shipwrecked survivors along the coast, it’s become one of BC’s most popular long-distance trails, attracting nearly 7,000 visitors each year from all over the world. The trail offers a unique and challenging experience, complete with deep sand, thick mud, torrential rain, creek crossings in cable cars, slippery roots, […]

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The 10 Essentials – Never Hike Without These! (Plus Hiking Tips)

You’ll be sorry if you leave these at home! Enjoy The 10 Hiking Essentials. Hi everyone! We hope you enjoy this educational video discussing the ten essential items to STAY SAFE & SURVIVE while out on a hike. These are the items you should bring. 🔻 7 Mistakes All Hikers Have Made! (And How to Avoid Them!) 🔻 🔻 Backcountry Guide Book! 🔻 Want to help Benton and Lindsay create more content? You can support us on […]

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