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Overnight Hiking Gear Essentials

Mike goes over the gear essentials that you will need on your first overnight hiking trip, safety tips, and food recommendations. —————–// SOCIAL —————— Instagram: hike.with.mike Source link

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AASGARD PASS | ENTIRE HIKE and CLIMB | Backpacking the Enchantments Episode #3 | Washington State

**Disclaimer: There are sections of this episode where you hear hard, heavy breathing. I apologize in advanced. Episode #3 of our Enchantments thru backpacking trip. The day is June 19th, 2020. The previous day was spent hiking to Stuart Lake, and then to Colchuck Lake where we settled in for the night. The video begins in the morning where a nice cup of coffee was enjoyed in the company of a pretty spectacular view. I gave a […]

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