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Dolly Sods Winter | Bushcraft Backpacking, Hiking, and Winter Camping in Monongahela National Forest

In this premiere episode of Season 2 of Adventure Archives, we visit a familiar place in the heart of winter: Dolly Sods Wilderness. And this time, Bryan’s with us. We hope you’re longing wistfully for the holiday season, because we’re about to bring you back to it! We hope it was worth the wait. We recommend you watch this with Headphones and in HD if you can! Also, for maximum enjoyment, please check out the original Dolly […]

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Hoosier National Forest | Best Indiana Hiking, Bushcraft, Backpacking, and Camping

This episode, we head out to the Charles C. Deam wilderness in Hoosier National Forest of Indiana and go hiking and camping off of the trail. With a beautiful lake and blooming wildflowers, this was a fantastic journey – and we hope you enjoy it as well. ————————————— SCENE SELECTION 0:39 – Theme Song 1:08 – After intro 2:23 – Map 2:42 – First Hike In 3:47 – Mayflower ID 4:54 – More Flowers 6:30 – Heading […]

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Wilderness Hiking Safety Tips with HDT

Being prepared is very important especially when going into the wilderness, Even if it is just for the day. Comment Below on which one worked best? The Whistle, Yelling, or the Compass. Please Subscribe, Comment, and Like Other Videos! Troll Defense tactics (a bit graphic) My letter to the Government (pass it on) Have Courage and Stand Up Wax Cotton Ball Shotgun Slugs Airport iPhone Creeper A Rednecks Way Of Life The Ammunition Crisis and it’s Effect […]

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