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Top 10 Strength Exercises for Hiking | Real Anime Training

Do you enjoy hiking the trails? If you want to improve your hiking ability and impress your friends on your next hike, start practicing these top ten movements regularly. Your body will thank you. And soon, you’ll be hiking further than before. Each exercise in this top 10 list was chosen because of the way each works the various muscle groups. So whether you’re climbing a mountain or just looking for adventure in your local parks, we’ve […]

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How to Train for Hiking || REI

If you’re just getting into hiking or you aspire to do longer hikes to loftier places, then doing some preseason training can be a big help. The eight exercises Dr. Sam shows in this workout plan are designed to target areas that power you up the trail mile after mile: They increase strength in your core and major leg muscles, and help build endurance in those same muscle groups. In this video, we’ll show you the following […]

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