The 10 Essentials – Never Hike Without These! (Plus Hiking Tips)

You’ll be sorry if you leave these at home! Enjoy The 10 Hiking Essentials.

Hi everyone! We hope you enjoy this educational video discussing the ten essential items to STAY SAFE & SURVIVE while out on a hike. These are the items you should bring.

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  • Were you holding a torn page from a book??

  • I would add bug spray especially in forests or a mosquito net to go around your face if they really bother you.

  • Natural diet

    Cargo pants full of tater tots, I will provide.

  • A small mirror and/or whistle in case the person navigating (this WILL happen) gets the group lost. You will be able to signal for help. A Garmin inReach is also a something to consider too.

  • Thank you very much for this information and perspective as to how you take on nature and what it takes to do it smart so one can have the best and safest experience! I am sourcing and acquiring a LOT of information (from many different places on the net) right now with PASSION as I FINALLY figured out after my second ever 2 night solo camping trip in Grand Mesa National Park (((which is basically in my back yard as I live less than 45 minutes away from it and have most of my life, damn I feel silly for how long it took me to realize whats RIGHT NEXT TO ME, I have spent so much time not as happy as I could of been exploring other facets in life if I just did what I finally did this last Monday – Wednesday, which was solo camp 2 nights and actually breath/slow down/embrace/have a moment with a doe and a herd of passing cows/realize whats going on in this moment we are SO fortunate to be apart of))) that THIS is what I'm wired to spend my free time doing here on this INCREDIBLE planet we all find ourselves on !! I'm going on my 3rd ever solo camping trip this next Monday – Wednesday in GMNP, but this time, AND I'M SO FREAKIN' EXCITED I FINALLY FIGURED THIS OUT, I am going DEEP into the park. both times I went solo before I thought I was in deep……oh ho ho ho… I finally figured out whats what in that area on google maps and IT ALL FREAKIN' CLICKED YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! IT. ALL. CLICKED. I'M JUST SCRATCHING THE SURFACE!!! I want TALL DEEP THICK FOREST and so far shallowly thought that I was in the deepest/thickest part of the park and that it was quite small. NOPE . IT'S 500 square miles and I'M GETTIN' IN THERE MAN. AND THIS IS JUST THE FREAKIN' START TO THIS BEAUTIFUL REALIZATION !!!!!!!! THIS PARK IS ONLY ONE FREAKIN' PARK !!!! I see a Canada type logo on that water purification tabs bag and I assume you live in Canada and have access to the parks there……. YOU GUYS I"M ON MY WAY TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VISTAS THIS EARTH HAS TO OFFER. AND I'M ON MY WAY RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW !!!!!! Slowly now I have been piecing things together for something bigger than where I find my daily life/job/circle of movement and I LEGIT JUST RECENTLY had the BIGGEST AH HA OF MY FLIPPIN' LIFE AND I AM SO DAMN HAPPY TO BE ALIVE. This body we all have IS INCREDIBLE !!!!! I will and have been, figuring out how to fuel mine as efficient and healthy as possible so that these dreams I feel with ALL MY HEART of seeing myself 2 main places, WILL BECOME REALITY !!! WE SPEAK OUR EXISTENCE FORWARD. Those 2 places I dream of are the most breathtaking vistas/trails/camping spots at high elevation that this GORGEOUS planet has to offer, AND (off subject) on stage with a mic in my hand. I want to facilitate creative expression in order to provide myself with an income in this world I can be happy about and live the most ideal life possible. Making money by exposing my soul to the internet so that I'm not tied to any entity/building/person and can VISIT THE WORLD !!! HIKE ALL THE TRAILS, SEE THE HARDEST TO ACCESS VISTAS AND THE MOST CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENTS !!! I WILL AND AM TAKING CARE OF THIS INCREDIBLE HUMAN BODY I WAS GIFTED LIFE WITH !!! ITS GOING TO TAKE ME TO THE HIGHEST HIGHTS !!! Apologize for this wild yt comment. I don't have any social media except here, twitch and reddit. I just never got on the bandwagon, i enjoy time alone but not in this room anymore. IN MOTHER NATURE !!!!! ill spend time in a room to project passion into mic as a means of income but for ALL THE REST OF MY TIME BREATHING I WILL BE HIKING AND CAMPING AND SIGHTSEEING UNTIL MY BONES FALL APART !!!!!! Thank you for reading this crazyness if you do. I don't have many places or people right now in life to let this energy out to so I just wanted to let you know right now, how I feel after watching this incredible, concise, cheerful, friendly video you created. Thank you for the information! Sorry for the novel <3 MUCH LOVE FROM COLORADO !!! My names Joshua <3 I cant wait to embrace mother nature every always.

  • Nail clippers, diaper rash cream and chapstick.

  • Lovely video thanks 🌟💎

  • He’s a young guy but he’s on the right track. Give him 5 years and he will be giving advanced backpacking skills. Impressed that he mentioned learn navigational skills. Very few hikers never learn that. Usually Boy Scouts and military are taught that.

  • Great job. But you did forget a trowel ( Deuce of Spades). I don’t know about you but I anticipate I might have to go #2.

  • If you turn a battery the wrong way round it will discharge.

  • Very good…I love the breakdown in broader categories, it helps you think about truly being prepared.

  • Bro can you please tell me the audio that you have used hear ❤🙏

  • You guys are awesome, great little video! Much love from Canmore xx

  • 2:15
    I will add the tip; don’t take dumb risks loool – especially if you’re alone make sure you don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger so don’t run with sharp objects.

  • Great way to lay it all out!

  • What's your total pack weight

  • You can never go wrong carrying extra socks. I even have a backup extra pair in my bag just because I HATE soggy feet.

  • The motivational music behind the dude and the lighthearted music behind the woman haha

  • I need to improve my first aid kit and add a snake bandage

  • I bring 2 denim pants
    5 t shits
    1 flannel (padded)
    8 socks
    Water filter

  • Aan

    Won't a lighter be feasible than those match boxes. Also carry a water filtering tool.

  • Great video and important information

  • Mel

    In NZ, in my hiking group, we have a saying TTT.

    Ten degrees colder (I'm in Celcius)
    Two more days
    Twice as bad weather

    Because NZ is so hilly it impacts a lot of things incl temperature, the reliability of weather forecasts and the reliability of trails.
    You wanna account for your trip potentially being longer, colder, or more wet/windy than you expected. This happens often and I consider it to be within the normal scope of a hiking trip, not a "time to turn around" thing.
    The 2 more days is for a 3+ days long trip. For a overnighter or day trip I'd probably say 1 day more supplies, rather than 2.

  • I also brought along an old Boy Scout Guide I found at a thrift store, as well as map, and rec book of the area! The Boy Scout Guide has everything in it!…. from basic first aid, CPR steps, how to build a EMG shelter, EMG procedures in case of hypothermia, falls, broken bones, cuts, snake bites, insects, heat stroke etc! It also covers things like building a lean two or teepee EMG shelter, how to tie various knots that hold, and outdoor survival tips! Great resource when in the woods! Also I like to bring along some BBQ lighter fluid, matches and a lighter to get my fire going quickly! (I don't like to waste time when I'm camping!), I also bring along a pocket knife or good hunting knife so you can cut wood or branches with it, wittle, or fix things, clean a fish you caught, etc! Also a complete first aid kit, small container of rubbing alcohol, antibiotic ointment, a ace bandage wrap in case you break your arm or injure your leg etc, bug repellent, camp torch, flashlight, whistle and small mirror (These can be used in case you are lost to warn people of your whereabouts! Or flash low flying planes for help if lost! You can also take your bra off and climb a tree to the top to flag low flying planes! They may see the white bra or undies from the sky and find you! Camp out at the base of that tree so park Rangers can find you when they go to search a large area!), 2 cans cat food (Used in case you get lost in the woods! As you will not snack on it, and it can keep you alive if lost! ) I also like to bring along a blow up mattress and air pillow that can easily be blown up for use to sleep on! And my very warm sleeping bag, and a fuzzy throw, coffee can and TP roll to pee and doodie in, when sleeping in my pup tent! As I don't use or like outhouses! And besides they don't have them in the backwoods anyway! All they have is a red band hanging from a tree branch, letting you know you can poop there! I also like to layer my clothing in case of weather changes! As you can always take things off if it gets warm, but if you don't have any warm sweater, rain jacket, warm hat and mittens, warm coat and scarf its not easy when the weather changes on you! So bring these along even if its sunny outside! As the weather in the Pacific N.W. and in the Cascades, Olympics, Mt. Rainer, Mt. St. Helens can change in a wink! You have to be prepared in advance! The ones who die in the Mountains are the ones who did not bring along their needed supplies or do the research where they were going! So do some research in advance! Bring along all your needed supplies! And plenty of food and snacks, beverages! And when in the outback woods…ALWAYS SIGN IN AND OUT AT THE RANGERS STATION FIRST THING! THIS IS A MUST! LET THE RANGER KNOW WHERE YOUR GOING, HOW LONG YOU ARE PLANNING TO BE THERE, IF YOU WILL BE HIKING OR JUST CAMPING, AND ANY MEDICAL ISSUES YOU HAVE OR MEDICATIONS YOU MIGHT BE ON! This will help them locate you if you go past your return date! So someone can go out and find you! Or send a rescue team! DONT FORGET TO SIGN OUT WHEN YOU GET BACK..IT LETS THEM KNOW YOU MADE IT BACK, AND ITS POLITE! SHOWS YOU ARE A RESPONSIBLE HIKER! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE HIKING ALONE! EVEN DO THIS FOR A DAY TRIP! ITS IMPORTANT! AS MANY HAVE JUST GONE INTO THE WOODS FOR A DAY TRIP AND NEVER BEEN SEEN AGAIN?! MOSTLY DUE TO THE FACT THEY DIDNT REPORT! SO ALWAYS DO THAT! Well those are my tips for hiking in the national parks, and the outback woods! You can hike safely by following a few good tips! D : ) Smiley!

    ENJOY! I have been hiking and camping most of my lifetime ex-mountaineer in WA, and grew up hiking and camping with my family and (search and rescue) friends in WA since I was a kid! You can enjoy the woods and have a safe enjoyable hike and camping experience, by following a few wise tips!

  • love this, we are just starting out too. we are also documenting & putting our hikes on YouTube, check us out & if you like subscribe. would help us a lot. Thanks again for this great video. Oh, i always bring a beer but as for an essential, a pair of decent Walkie Talkies, seriously!!!

  • lmfao these videos in between cracked up up. But thanks for the tips!

  • you forgot a camera, if you go hiking without a camera just dont go hiking at all

  • This was incredibly fun to watch. Great people.

  • A satellite tracker is a great safety addition.

  • my most vital item for camping is ear plugs. Those damn cicada's will keep me up all night.

  • should you bring oxygen mask if you go to high attitude ?

  • Great tips! Do you think mental or physical strength is more important when hiking?

  • Bruh you need a good knife. Never go without one.

  • She made this more serious lol

  • Can I use work boots instead of hikers?

  • great video… my students liked it.

  • Damn….ive seen army medics with less first aid than you. I take 2 bandaids and a small mainly empty tube of Neosporin.

  • Do you ever worry about wild animals? Any tips for avoiding them? Or is a bear encounter basically just a natural landmine you can't prepare for?

  • Woooooooooow sb me too thank you love hike

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