In this episode, I make the case for the Altra Olympus as being one of the best backpacking shoes on the market. Just a caveat, hiking/backpacking shoes are the most personal piece of gear you will ever purchase. The Altra Olympus have worked for me, but, they are not for everyone. The best advice I can give someone when it comes to shoes is to go to various outdoor stores and try them on and see what works for you. In backpacking, everything starts with the shoes. #Altra #backpacking #hiking #altraolympus4

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  • Ive been running/hiking in the HOKA speedgoats since January. Very similar to the Olympus. I really like the amount of cushion. I've been dealing with some Plantar Fascitis and the increased cushion has helped a bit I think. I ran 20 miles on the AT one morning during trail days and I had no issues with the PF. I'm at the end of the life of that pair. I was planning to go back to my goto shoe, the Lone Peaks, but maybe I'll give the Olympus a shot. Nice review dude.

  • Do these only work for backpacking if your carrying very light weight in your bag?

  • great video ,,and awesome content,,new supporter here

  • OK – So can't do zero drop – I'm flat footed and strung way tight. I wore hiking shoes (Keens and Merrells) for a long time (never waterproof). I finally landed on Salmings, a trail runner, made by a running shoe company and a few ounces lighter than your Altra. Gotta have the drop.
    FYI – If I KNOW I'm going to be getting wet (a lot) I do have waterproof socks. Waterproof shoes – you are spot on.

  • Jerk move Crow. 🤣 I want these and now I want them sooner than later.

  • I like Altra Lonepeaks and Hokas.

  • Can you get them in the uk? stay safe debs..

  • I like my Altra Lonepeak's ok but I may like this one better! Thanks.

  • Crow good to see you looking well 👍 people forget the importance of looking after ones feet when hiking. It's so important to have strong, flexible and comfortable footwear. Good review especially new hikers.

    Take it easy atb Taff 🤠👊

  • I know a lot of guys that swear by those shoes. I do not have a pair… yet. We're not fast movers, and I prefer waterproof with the cold and snow we deal with half the year. We're not so pro yet to have multiple pairs of hiking shoes… rather have a solid pair of good all rounders. With how expensive gear starts to get, need to save some bread somewhere. I do like the idea of mesh for summer hiking though. I've seen an uptick in advertising for super meshy hiking shoes with the main benefit being quick drying.

  • Thanks for the incredible in depth info Brad! I'm not sure if you meant to drop your video around the same time as Darwin? 😀 haha jk. I've been hearing great things about the most popular manufacturer of backpacking shoes so I'll have to keep them in mind. Great call on the injinjis. Also, if you haven't already, consider waterproof socks to throw on for those stream crossings. Waterproof shoes may not make sense but the socks seem to.

  • Hands down my favorite hiking shoe. As long as they continue to make it I will be wearing them. I put 700 miles on my 3.0's and the only reason I got a new pair is because they were getting slick and were losing their grip on rocks because I wore them out. My toe flap never came off luckily. I now have about 300 miles on my 4.0's and they are feeling great. My feet never hurt in these shoes. Stack height and zero gravity are for me! #AltraFanForLife

  • I bought some Altra Lone Peaks that were on clearance couple months back, just used them for the first time last week in the Smokies, and I loved them,,now I'm thinking on getting the Olympus 4.0's ,because I'm thinking the extra cushioning would make and ultimate hiking to save up to pull the trigger on that $170 price tag,,thanks for the info

  • Great review. Wow! When you give up the attorney life, shoe sales are an option. Lol They would be my go to if I didn’t absolutely love my Topo Ultradventures. 👍👍✌️

  • Wow the vid is amazing. stay safe. 👍😊
    Stay in touch. 🌹

  • Excellent video Crow. I started wearing Altra Lone Peaks about 3 years ago. I’d worn Merrill’s as my go to shoe, but I didn’t like the everlasting wetness that waterproof shoes create. My Altras dry in a couple of hours like you said. My shoe grip well on rocks, both dry and wet, and on the trail. The wide toe box is great! These things are the Birkenstocks of trail shoes. But I thing the Olympus may be my go to shoe for hiking through Pennsylvania. I wonder if those soles will be more comfortable on the sharp rocks there? At 65 years old, I look for all the advantages that I can find!🤣 Stay on the path my friend!

  • Shoes are super important in everyday life. Those seem very nice and designed very well for the trail. Awesome information Crow!

  • See I’ve never really thought about this , thanks for sharing

  • Great video. I've been using the Timp 2.0s and really like them. Big fan of zero drop. Might have to consider the Olympus for my next pair.

  • Hope that you have had a top week all most the weekend can't wait hope all the family are well all ways a big big like 👍 from me ture legend

  • V Y

    I returned the 4.0 after a 7 miles hike. It is not as cushion as the 3.5 which I have been wearing for over a year. I was very disappointed since the 4.0 is a very nice looking shoe. I agree with you that the Olympus is a lot more durable than the Lone Peak. I went through 5 pairs of Lone Peak in less than 3 years.

  • That sounds like a great shoe.

  • Yes you are an old hiker. Lol. Very nice review Brad I guess my next pair will be the Olympus.

  • I literally just bought Altras Olympus 4 , two days ago. So far there really comfortable and I love the wide foot box.
    Great reviews on the shoes Crow!!

  • Just upgraded to the Olympus 4.0s…LOVE EM! Great video….really liked the break down.

  • I will throw my two cents in: I wear the Altra Superiors now which have a rock plate in them. Durability is always a huge topic when discussing shoes. I hike 400 miles on my shoes no matter the brand because the cushion is what breaks down. The toe flap on all the shoes I saw on the AT would separate within 100 miles. If you put your foot between two rocks enough the mesh is going to tear on any shoe brand. So, with that said durability is in the cushion. If I hike in Brooks or Altra’s I change them at 400-450 miles. I love the Altra’s because it allows full inflection of my foot and keeps me connected to the trail. Since I was 60 before I started wearing the zero drop shoes I was worried about my Achilles’ tendon. I would advise starting slow in any zero drop shoe if you are 50+. I would walk barefoot long distances before I wore the Altra. If your pack weight is 40 pounds or greater do not wear Altra trail runners wear something that gives you more support. Great discussion! Happy Hiking!

  • I had no issue with the Altra switch myself and even though I went Topo when the Lone Peak 4.5s came out and don't like the Timp traction I may give these a try. I am pretty much 100% sold on Vibram soles, don't think I'll hike in anything else now. 🙂

  • Nice! Glad to see you finally swapped out the old pair. Hope you eventually try out the Topo Terraventures as they are roomy in the foot box, very comfortable and seem to last longer than Altras. Keep trekking Crow! Let’s keep moving!

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