The Coldest Days of Winter | Hiking to Hot Springs @This Girl Hikes

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  • Thanks for watching! Dont's forget to offset your carbon footprint on Wren: first 100 people who sign up will have 10 extra trees planted in their name.

  • Beautiful video and images

  • Saludos amiga espero pronto conocerte y acer un dúo contigo yo miro mucho los videos de cathering y los tuyos soy un MEXICANO que radica en Illinois y me gusta visitar los lugares naturales para olvidarme de todo el estrés pero porque no as subido mas videos de los recorridos en la naturaleza pienso que es difícil ganarte tus seguidores dios te bendiga.

  • Fantastic upload, some scenes are simply stunning. Narrated part is awesome too. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Beautifully 🙂 Where did you record this movie thoroughly? ? Because on the one hand a flowing river, and on the other the frost holding 🙂

  • You have a great way with words. Love your narration. I plan on checking out that book.

  • K W

    That was a good book, I read too a long while ago, so you reminded me about that. Good video too

  • I prefer the 70's approach to reducing carbon. Planting trees. Plant something that can take in CO² and give off O². They have look at the midwest and noticed over time during the growing season of spring and summer. The CO² levels drop dramatically in the area. Good video.

  • I am very into reducing my carbon footprint, and currently my self challenge is to STOP buying anything packaged in Plastic….corporations have not taken responsibility for all the plastics they create many of which are not recyclable…like those little Zip Top bags everything is in these days it i s not recyclable. It has been a challenge but Im learning daily how to make a better choice.

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