The Feral Cats. Hiking And Biking And National Television.

Living and coping with life.

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  • Yey Lynn, I'm happy when all my girls are together.

  • Wow that accident would have made me want to go home.

  • Wonderful swimming hole at the beginning. 🥰. And am so sorry about the accident you saw. When I was going through Missouri I was kind of hit by a guy who fell asleep at the wheel as he was returning home from a night shift. I say ‘kind of’ because in the little mirror I had attached to my glasses, I saw his car drifting over to the side of the road I was on. I headed to the ditch, but he still side-swiped the left side of my bike. It ripped off my left pannier but then pushed my bike forward. I never fell off and did not have any injuries. My guardian angel was working overtime that day. 👼. The pannier’s metal backing was bent in half, but everything inside was OK, even my big camera. The guy did stop and felt bad about it. I think he was more rattled than I was. That is the one good thing about close calls like this….there is no sense of fear because it is happening so fast. It is only afterwards that one has to sit down to stop the legs shaking. But all’s well that ends well. So please keep your eyes on that rear view mirror. It can be invaluable. 💕

  • How cool, I can't wait to see the interview! I know how you feel about the accident because a friends mother was t-boned by a drunk driver at a 4 way intersection stoplight and for months every time I came up on an intersection I had a mild panic attack!

  • Good luck on the interview! Not going to lie, I have been worried about the road biking…

  • SO fun to see you hiking here in Tucson! 🌵☀️. You are such an inspiration for me 🙂. Thank you for sharing your lives with us! 💚. #livinginthemoment#onestepatatime

  • So relatable. I like to get my clothes second hand and buy a new backpack! Setting a calendar reminder for April 8th 😊

  • “I would rather be in the dirt” ❤️❤️❤️

  • Whooftie. Heavy episode. So great to see Lynn again!

  • You’re feral cats and just rolling with whatever comes your way! Great to see the 3 of you together again. I loved that hike ands the pool of water you jumped in! Catalina Park sounds like an awesome location. So sorry about your witnessing such a tragic accident. I can only imagine how that affects your psyche. Your positivity will move you forward, no doubt.

  • Hi everyone, it's so sad about the couple that lost their lives while bicycling. You guys take care of yourselves.

  • Started PCT and was thinking about the fact so many hikers I admire walked the very path I was on. Sadly, I have had to stop due to some vertebrae problems in my neck that I may need surgery on. Just couldn’t carry 30lbs without a lot of pain. It’s very scary to see people die on bicycles sorry you had to experience that. Looking forward to your interview on GMA… well deserved!

  • So glad your knee is better. That Bear Canyon was beautiful! Good to see Lynn again. Will be fun to see your interview on Good Morning America. Just wondering how you edit your videos without a computer? Crazy.

  • Congratulations Keep us on air date

  • Enjoy Arizona, we have a lot to share here!

  • Love this video. It has all the feels. Lynn, great to see you again.

  • I just read about you ladies in the Providence Journal (Rhode Island newspaper). I love what you are doing. I look forward to checking in on your adventures! What a beautiful country we live in. Thank for capturing the picturesque nooks and crannies which some of us are unable to see…at this time:-) Happy trails from Rhode Island!

  • I’m excited about GMA! I watch every morning and will be SURE to watch on April 8. I feel like all of my favorite people are meeting…without me! ☹️

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