This is why they all hate hiking

Check out these 5 mistakes that first-time thru-hikers will make when they’re new to hiking. I take my friend Mark out on a 4-day hiking trip and we both make some rookie mistakes that you can avoid in this video!

Total Body Workout for Hikers (Follow Along, No Equipment)

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  • Hi Mark. Sorry for the delayed comment 🙁

  • I'm preparing for the AT; thank you for the advice 🙂

  • Great video with good advice and information! Thank you.

  • I've made 2 of your mistakes, once I forgot my sleeping bag, had a cold and miserable night, the other mistake was relying on my phone for navigation it ran out of power and I ended up walking 25 miles off trail before I got a charge and found out where I went wrong.

  • I liked the music you chose for this video. Do you mention small channels on your channel?

  • Definitely not buying Salomon lol

  • If I gave a tip, it would be "Start with a one way trip, hopefully somewhere you're excited to go, where there's a bed and a hot meal at the end of the trail". Step one is simply conditioning your mind to know what to expect on long journeys and how your body reacts. Step two, "actually going somewhere", can come later. :J

  • What a fun and quirky video, love it! 👊
    – Jo

  • My parents would force me to have very long hikes every weekend as a kid and throughout my entire childhood it was literal torture

    They also made me do the tour de mont blanc as a young teen with little to no prep with a really heavy backpack

  • 3h from Barcelona to Bujaruelo? You must be rally drivers :v

  • The only thing that is slowing my progress down mountain-wise is the fact that Romania is full of bears, I really don't prefer that way of dying and it is more than possible to face a bear hiking anywhere here

  • I might like hiking… if you could guarantee no insects. I mean mosquitoes and other buzzing and biting tiny critters. (Butterflies are fine.) My experience so far is that I get about 5 minutes and then I am waving like a crazed windmill trying to get the bugs away from me. Seriously driving me insane. Some people claim that there won't be any mosquitoes on the high ground where it is windy… but they lie. Unless it is a gale force wind I always have an annoying buzzing insect around my head. So yeah. Gonna skip the hikes.

  • Yes, check your list. That would be excellent if I knew what to put on it! Also, where exactly is North?

  • I add a few points that are very important in my opinion: 1) plan well your route in advance. Check the length, height different, parts that are possibly exposed and be realistic. Wrong planning equals problems; 2) check the weather forecast in several sources. The mountain can be heaven or hell depending on the weather; 3) Bring always some cloth in case it gets suddenly cold. If you have a problem and you are forced to spend the night out, you dont want to die from hipotermia; 4) Carry always a thermal rescue sheet. It weights nothing and can save your life. Keep it always in your backpack and you will never forget it; 5) Protect yourself from the sun: sun cream, wear a cap with a neck cover protection and sunglasses to protect you eyes. 6)the color of your gear can help you in case of trouble. A red jacket or backpack may help finding you in case you are missing; 7) For longer camping trips over 2-3 days bring a lightweight solar panel charger.

  • What if you lose the list?

  • Everybody say hi mark, mark: adios ✌🏽😎

  • this video should be called: 5 common knowledge facts for dumb that step out their city for 1st time ever…
    I mean, cmon whats new about this? people that go outdoors already know this, and those that dont go outdoors simply wont care.

  • 2:15 we have an app that show your location to you ( on the map) and I guess the other can see you ( and all the other users) on a certain trail so I guess they can kind of trace you…
    4:20 would you preffer to thirst ( and get a herpes blister or an UTI) ? You can get probiotics if you cant filter the water. Of course if is a dead goat nearby and you risk to get anthrax you rather move on…
    But , for safety, Take enough water, you might not find the stream that you see on the map.
    Dont thirst but drink wise untill you find the next source
    ( dont drink or eat just to unload the heavy bag, save a bit for later, you may not know what happens on your way back to delay you; get and save a little extra food and water for The case you meet someone in desperate need)
    Do not delay going to toilet, you might be in pain
    Yes a written map is essential when your battery and signal is gone. Learn to use your orientation sense, to memorise a little bit the map, dont walk only with the eyes on the GPS, to become a sclave of technology

  • 1 minute in and no information and an ad already…..FFS! do you have any idea how much competition you have for peoples time?

  • I actually use 100% leather boots, handmade. They are comfy as hell and i would never switch them for modern hiking shoes. Also there is no way they will fall apart in the middle of the trip.

  • Oh please tell us how to face North. Jk. Lol.🏕🏔

  • Just wanted to know what route you took on this 4 day hike? Looks really amazing! Thanks 🙂

  • Tiny bottle of glue for fake nails (waterproof and strong)
    No-applicator tampons (first aid, fire starter, periods)

    Add both to your pack for almost no weight and they can come in handy in a situation

  • I don’t really hike but I camp. Rule number 1: don’t be hungover because there’s not enough bottled water in the world.

  • Chlorine is toxic to your thyroid gland. Iodine is better.

  • Jorge masvidal doing some hiking!

  • I thought this was Mike Chiesa from the UFC in the thumbnail

  • Let see, I'm going hiking in the mountains. Maybe hiking boots instead of running shoes?

  • Alot of this doesnt aplly to Ultralight backpacking. Just so yall know <3

  • My five rules would be: 1) Start with shorter distances then increase your range over several years — know your limits by testing them in safe environments (closer to "civilization"). Remember that walking with a backpack is way different than doing test hikes without one. 2) Never start a trip in the mountains with shoes that you have not walked at least three hikes in the woods with and not had any problems with. Use experiences with blisters to tape up your feet before they get blisters instead of after. 3) Dont carry more than you need — plan it meticulously. 4) Weather in the mountain may switch rapidly, so be ready to switch clothes quick and easy by packing smart and having your alternative clothes on the top in your backpack. 5) You will always encounter things that you didnt know or anticipated. A good spirit goes a long way — make the best of it with the tools your party has with them, and have fun!

  • Saved for future reference!!

  • Really enjoyed the video. What type of jacket are you wearing?

  • Woah, I didn’t realize Bon Appetit’s Brad had a twin brother from Australia

  • Didn‘t know Mats Hummels is so fluent in English

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