This Ridge-Hike Was Too Intense For Me | Hiking The Hardergrat/Brienzergrat Trail, Switzerland in 4K

This was my most dangerous hike, so far! And I did it again in 2021! (

Last september Dirk and I went on a roadtrip trough the Swiss Mountains and the Dolemites, this is a video about the day we did this very sketchy, scary and dangerous hike!

It was amazing, but I won’t do it again ! 😉 (Turned out I lied, did it again and completed it)

The Hardergrat / Brienzergrat!

00:00 : Intro and Info
00:33 : Starting the hike
02:03 : Slowing Down
02:35 : The Sketchiest Climb to the Summit
03:40 : Tannhorn Summit
03:57 : Descending
04:28 : Information and Advice

Instragram: Xander Bijsterveld

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