Thru-hiking gear for dogs

We’ll be bringing two dogs with us on the CDT this summer and here’s the gear we’ll be starting out with.

For a full list of gear with weights and prices head over to the website.

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  • Hi! Thanks for this peak into your Hiker doggie packs. I'm planning an AT through home with my Labradoodle. I checked into service dog certification but my takeaway was that you have to have a doctor's prescription (?) that the hiker NEEDED the service dog, not just that the dog was certified. Is that true? I would dearly like to have my well behaved girl with me the whole time 🙂. Thanks!

  • Wow, how cool. Looking forward to following the journey and especially seeing how it plays out with the dogs.

  • That is all fine, but will your dogs sit still for a picture?

  • Cool! Assume the dogs will sleep in the vestibules at night, or will they sleep in the tent with you all?

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