Tips and Gear for HOT WEATHER Backpacking

-Sea to Summit DryLite Towel:
-North Face Hyperlayer Sun Hoodie:
-Columbia Silver Ridge Lite LS Shirt:
-Columbia Silver Ridge Lite SS Shirt:
-Patagonia Quandary Pants:
-Hammock option:
-Tent option:
-Tent option:
-Klymit Ultralight Sleeping Pad:
-Rab Neutrino Silk Liner:
-Marmot Micron 50:
-Garmin InReach Mini:

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Tip: Know your trail
1:25 – Tip: Carry plenty of water
2:10 – Tip: Get those electrolytes!
2:35 – Tip: Cold towel
3:35 – Clothing
7:20 – Shelters
7:55 – Sleep system
12:05 – Safety


-My main camera:
-My wide lens:
-My zoom lens:
-My lav mic:
-My shotgun mic:
-My 360 camera:
-My action camera:
-My main tripod:
-My backpacking tripod:
-My drone:

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  • I use a neck gaiter to dip in the water, which you can use for a sweatband, head cover, water around the neck, and a mask. it can function as a bandana. bringing two or three of these is always a must for me. I always use them almost every minute of every long hike. they always have a purpose. there was one outing where I forgot to bring extra socks and the heals of my socks wore a hole through, so I wrapped the gaiters around my foot underneath my socks to add an extra layer of protection so I wouldn't rub my heal raw. they are life savers.

  • Thanks for these tips. I’m in Arkansas so it’s hot and humid more than any other condition. Do you have any suggestions for a small fan for the times when there is zero breeze?

  • Thank you for addressing hot weather camping. I live in Mississippi!

  • the links for the tents won't open. What are the recomended tents?

  • Great video. I'm from the top end of Australia … hot (and humid for 8 months of the year). What backpack features do you recommend for hot weather?

  • Is that silk bag liner wide? especially the foot box?

  • Those are good strategies for hot and DRY places. You will sweat, but it may not accumulate on your clothing if the humidity is low enough. Cover yourself from head to toe. Having multiple loose, light colored, lighter fabric layers can be helpful in keeping the sun off of you, and in retaining your sweat for long enough to notice. The sun hoodie is a GREAT idea — keep the sun off of your head and neck. I prefer wide brimmed hats, and an umbrella for portable share. COTTON can save your life in the daytime in a hot desert — by holding onto your sweat longer and allowing evaporation to work over a longer period of time. Be sure you have a DRY layer of clothing to put on after the sun goes down. The amount of water lost to evaporation will really surprise you. It can be hard to gauge your hydration level when the sweat evaporates "instantly."

    In environments that are hot and WET, you want to maximize convection and evaporation. When the humidity is 90%+ you will want to wear the minimum amount of loose clothing layers. Wide brimmed hats are still my go-to. And LOTs of sun screen on any exposed flesh. Sweat can be almost impossible to get rid of when the humidity is high enough.

  • That sun hoodie looks unbearably warm! The only respite I get in summer is completely submerging myself in a cold river

  • I stumbled across your channel recently and am super pleased to see hot weather backpacking as a topic. I'm in Australia and I literally never have to think about snow or freezing conditions, my issues are having to avoid hiking when it's hot (which is like 7 months of the year) so I'm trying to find ways to manage overheating and sun exposure (humidity is a massive problem where I am). Other than the wet Buff someone else mentioned I also took a lightweight paper fan and an ultralight UV umbrella on my recent multi-day that I knew would be very exposed in sections (including across sand). I managed to rig up a way to keep the umbrella attached to my pack so I could use it handsfree. I still overheated on the first day because of the humidity so my search for options continues! I hate l/s shirts when it's hot so I always apply sunscreen and carry it with me too.

  • How one channel like this still with just 14k?? Seriously this channel helped me a lot so I am trying to share with everyone which enjoy camping. Thank you a lot to share you knowledge and regards from Brazil 🙂

  • "It does pack down really small, pun intended."
    I have no choice but to subscribe.

    Glad YT recommended you, man. I'm getting super head first into backpacking planning.

  • Lol this guy talking like I'm actually bringing a sleeping bag in the summer (I live in ky). I bring a cotton sheet and a fleece jacket.

  • Great tips for sure. I wouldn't mind hot weather hiking/camping but the humidity is what gets you where im from. Only thing that half way works is a wet hat or wet buff wrapped around your head/neck

  • L T

    Great video. I recommend adding electrolytes to your water that are not high sugar – use a brand that adds potassium, magnesium, etc.

  • Great tips for sure…i love summer trips…when I'm out there in the SNOW I'm gonna be wishing for some 90 degree days😂😂..great video

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