TIPS for Backpacking and Hiking THE ENCHANTMENTS | Washington State

In this video I’ll be detailing five major tips that we learned from our Enchantments Backpacking Trip. This was the third time I’d been in the Enchantments, and each time I took away something.. Something I’d do over again, or something I’d change. So I created this list to hopefully aid you in having a successful trip yourself!

Five Tips:1.) What trailhead to begin at (Colchuck/Stuart or Snow Lakes). 2.) How to get from trailhead to trailhead and then back to your vehicle after completing the through hike.
3.) Keeping the Bugs off Your Back.4.) Aasgard Pass
5.) Knowing your route.
-At the end I give seven, 10-second quick tips that provide some more information!

I hope this information helps you have a fantastic trip! If you haven’t seen it already, I recently completed a six video series detailing our entire backpacking trip through the Enchantments. The videos can be found here:

Full Youtube Enchantments Playlist:

Roadtrip to the Enchantments:

Hiking to Stuart Lake and Colchuck Lake:

Climbing Aasgard Pass:

Hiking the Core Zone to Leprechaun Lake:

Leprechaun Lake to Snow Lakes:

Snow Lakes to Nada Lake and Back to the Car:

Here’s the article I mentioned about the mountaineering guide who glissaded into the waterfall hole and dug his way out: lessons-learned-2013-glissading-into-a-30-foot-hole-in-aasgard-pass

As always, thanks everyone for watching this video. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the support and feedback that everyone gives. Be sure to subscribe to the channel, comment, and drop a thumbs up. We’ll see ya on the next one. -Danny

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