Tips For Buying Outdoor Gear 👣 Hiking 101

In this video we run through some of our tips and recommendations to think about when buying new outdoor gear.

The main points we talk about are:
• Brands are not everything. Get what fits you
• Good gear lasts – but everything dies
• Spend time hiking without the gear (to figure out what you really want)
• Choose gear based on what you’re actually going to do (not on the 1% possibilities)

• What’s in my Day Bag:
• How to Pick Hiking Boots:
• How to Fit a Back Pack:

• A Hiking Gear List 👣 Clothing, Packs, and Footwear:
• What to wear hiking:
• Pre-Trail Preparations:
• Our Favourite Hiking Packs:

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  • It sounds like jeans are related to cotton 🤣 I have heard that about cotton. It takes longer to dry and holds odors. Good tips! Thank you.

  • Forget Gore-Tex jackets – for Ireland, you can't beat Buffalo Systems clothing. Warm even when wet, whereas all supposedly waterproof fabrics will fail and you will be cold and wet.

  • Loved this 101 guys! Thanks 👍

  • Carl & Ellie, cool to have 2 presenters this time (and the cat)🐈I agree with the 'famous hiker' that Osprey bags are the best😊 I would be drawn to certain brands based on previous experience of quality. fit and practicality and if I can get them at a cheaper price at some of the online outdoor sites it is a bonus, though am usually very impressed with less expensive options. Agree that spending time outdoors over time can be a great help in refining what is needed and what isn't needed and that less weight on the back (or hips👍) and feet makes a real difference👍 Dry bags too👍 A really useful and informative 101 chat😊👍

  • Thanks real good advice and tips.

  • Yup! Another good one guys. Lovin the 101 series. You hear all the kilometres of experience you guys have in every video. Sound, sensible tips. Brilliant

  • I recently saw someone online say you shouldn't wear leggings hiking, what do you think? They're synthetic and cover you from ticks (shudder) so I can't think of why they'd be a no go. Also exercise leggings / hiking leggings / hiking trousers … what's the difference? Is there a difference?

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