Tips for Hiking in the Desert

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  • I don't know what he is talking about i live in the middle of the Arizona desert this what i wear UV sunglasses hats are nive but a big rim straw hat is awesome! Spandex type muscle shirt for sweating wicking then a coyte shirt and uv type sleeves and 5.11 desert pants with Spandex type underwear and light leather military boots type and smart wool socks!! Never cotton and hazard 4 Pancho just because its over 120°F in day it can drop to almost freezing temperatures at night during the winter months, and FYI you will NEVER be able to carry all the water you need so powered electrolytes is a must alongside your camel hydro pack and yes gloves like a mesh type or mechanix will work

  • You also forgot to wear proper shoes for the desert Because some area the thorns are very sharp and they can go through a lot of shoes
    I'm an introvert in a desert it dangerous One. injury could get infected too you may attract a predator
    Because here in Arizona that what's happens their coyotes mountain lions And more

  • You should come to Arizona we got a lot of good desert trails Damn sure you that you'll love to hike in just be careful with the rattlesnakes

  • Yeah and we all know that zinc is one of the best things for your body to absorb. lol.

  • I’ll be going thru sandy water crossings (over 30 in one day!) on my next hike last year my feet were absolutely raw from the sand getting between my shoe and my foot and it being wet all day for multiple days, does anyone have any suggestions to save my feet?

  • sounds like a guide for white people 🤣🤣🤣

  • Only made it 4 1/2 minutes. You’re a rookie.

  • I wish YouTube wasn't full of Americans giving advice on how to survive in their lovely, flora and fauna filled deserts.. I need some knowledge gap fillers for my intended 220km trek across the Dasht-e Lut Desert in Iran during the height of summer where surface temperatures can reach 70°C and ambient air temperature in the shade has reached 60°C.. There is ZERO water in this desert, ZERO trees, pretty much ZERO animals and nothing but sand and volcanic rock plateaus for hundreds of kilometres.. My water alone will need to be 20 litres to last until the one and only supply drop I've organised..

  • You didn't specify which product you used to carry 4 liters of water a day!!!! ???

  • Okay, from someone who works in the heat of the Mojave as a career, you missed one BIG tip:

    Ration sweat, not water. Rationing water will kill you. Plenty of hikers die in my area from dehydration with "a full canteen."

    How do you ration sweat? Hike to the shade when you can. Break from 2pm to 5pm, and continue on through sunset if visibility allows. Start your hike *at dawn*.

    When it's 95°F at dawn, do you really want to postpone the labor of your hike to have that extra hour or two of beauty sleep?

  • New question due to new gear: do u think you could wear the 7d copperfield pants as sun pro for midday or would that be too hot? I dont think they have any upf qualities but coverage may be enough ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Would be nice to wear shorts morning and evening and use the wind pants you're bringing anyway. Outside of a December R2R2R, I've only biked thru the desert, so clothing choices are different. Thanks Darwin ✌🏼

  • Awwwww Crap !! It's a f&^%ing COMMERCIAL for boutique hiking apparel. 🙁

  • How about some sunglasses? Your eyes are blue. less melanin means the less sun radiation protection. Blue eyes may be pretty but they're not as practical as brown eyes when it comes to UV rays.

  • Your sunscreen. YUH, BEARS LOVE THAT SHT!!! 🙂

  • Hey Darwin, Do you keep a journal or log daily performance on the trail?

  • I came looking for info on dessert hiking, since Im heading to Morocco in… not bad but your references are so focused on PCT, CDT, AT, etc. There's a world out there outside USA! The channel is very informative but too US centered which I find annoying. Cheers!

  • Great stuff. STOP SAYING "REALLY". lol

  • Hey Darwin, just like everyone is saying sunglasses and electrolytes are very important. I do a lot of hiking with friends in our home of Arizona. I can’t tell you enough now many people you see cooking in the sun from the AZ sun in late May to late October. Most are assuming just drinking water is going to do them good. Take in salts and electrolytes are important. Usually I’ll bring electrolytes packets/tablets or even pedialtye packets they have in stores. I found drinking pedialtye helps a lot with to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

  • Lol we got lost in the Gila National Forest… But as u can see… WE MADE IT OUT!!! LOL

  • Hey Darwin, thanks for the informative videos, I appreciate your opinions, and think you offer a lot to our community of outdoor enthusiast.

    If you haven't already, I would look into the benefits of the multi-function shemagh. I never go into the desert without one. For all extreme desert conditions, and at $10 bucks, you cant go wrong. With long sleeves and pants, I wrap mine around my entire head and face in a traditional Afghane style — I don't need sunscreen. I'd bet a bottle of sunscreen weighs similar to that of a shemagh, and offers so much more versatility. Although some people say I look like a terrorist, in extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme wind, extreme bugs (when your not in the desert) etc — handles every situation and can offer so much more than just head protection. There's many videos on the multitude of uses of a shemagh. Food for thought 🙂

  • Water, water, and more water. Even in the cooler months it can be very dry. I live in Tucson and without fail every summer people come here to hike and lose their lives usually only a few miles from the city. They just don't realize how fast you can get in trouble. If I'm planning any hike here, even just a half-day, I'll pre-hydrate for a few days before I go. Hit the water pretty hard and throw in some gatorade just to get the electrolytes up. That way I'm well hydrated before I even get out there. One hard fast rule of desert hiking is when you hit the halfway point on your water supply its time to turn around and head back.

  • Great information and tips. Thanks. If you're looking for a wide-brim hat, let me suggest a Tilley hat. I've had mine for several years now and I don't have the first complaint in regard to it. Lightweight, foldable, basically indestructible, with a lifetime guarantee.

  • To see how to adjust to desert look at the five ws rule:
    Wood: lots of burnables everywhere. Not a big concern.
    Water: none anywhere. Bring everything u need.
    Wildlife: insects/snakes more of a threat than usual, (gloves, high boots). No bears.
    Widowmakers(falling branches/rocks) more of a threat than usual, rocks are unstable and brittle, trees are dry and limbs fall easily
    Weather: big swings: heat/sun in day. Cold temps at night. Wind severe. Fooding rare but severe

  • Hey Darwin! I'm hiking down the Sandia Peak in a couple weeks (taking the tram). How bad is it for a semi-new hiker??? (And thanks for all the great vids!!) 😃

  • Patagonia Sunshield, its a buff and has UPF of 25 I believe and it is made for hotter climates and I cover everything on my head minus my eyes with a hat on top of it. It has saved me from a lot of sun burn in Phoenix.

  • Too funny, Darwin! I saw that you did this video on desert hiking so I click on it….. BECAUSE I'll be doing Sandia Peak in October and that's where you are! Haha…. thanks for the vid!

  • yes, a 50.00 umbrella is what ya need! jesus

  • Hiking in the desert, desert boots with shank for mesquite thorns.
    Don't step on any vegetation it all has thorns. If you want to look stop or you'll trip. Wear leather gloves. Hat, use straw hat also a long scarf to wrap around your head.

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