Tips for Hiking in the Rain

It’s 5 years ago that we first went on a hike together and it rained. It ALWAYS seems to rain in April, so here are some tips for hiking in the rain. If you’re backpacking in the rain, you need to stay dry and keep the gear inside your backpack dry, whether you’re going on a day walk or a multi-day hike.

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  • I am getting ready to start fishing tournaments for prize money and many of the bigger events are in the late winter and very early spring and i want to know if i can wear a wet suit under a layer of insulation or would that be a no-no???

  • Hi, over there on the other side of the big pond, way downunder. Nicely done video,
    I use a compactor bag, like they use on contruction sites to haul trash away.. $.50 US, mine lasted 650 miles on AT last year and a few multiday hikes this year and is still going strong. Fits great in my exos 58, I never had a wet item in my bag and they are light. For the smaller day packs a roaster bag for baking works great too. Nice video

  • youre gonna get soaked. Its inevitable

  • It's that time of year. Rain. Lots of it. Here are our tips for #hiking in the rain.

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