Top 11 Tips for Hiking the Kungsleden

Because I got a lot of questions about the Kungsleden, I listed my top 11 tips to hike it!

0:00 – Intro
0:39 – Hike from South to North
2:21 – Use the Plan&Go hiking guide
3:20 – Buy a STF Membership card
4:29 – Don’t worry about getting lost
6:29 – Download the ‘Swedish Mountain Maps’-app
7:06 – Don’t take a load of cash (just for the boats and a little more)
7:37 – There is phone signal from Hemavan till Saltoluokta, no signal from Saltoluokta till Abisko
8:30 – If you hike from South to North: look up the phone numbers from the owners of the boats (and the times when the boats go)
9:44 – Always leave at least one rowing boat at each side of the river/lake
11:20 – Don’t take a water filter
11:48 – Camp nearby streams – the best camping spots are there

// m o r e o f m e – d u t c h

//m u s i c i n t h i s v i d e o
Phoniks – Touchdown

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