TOP 5 EASY PEAKS in the DOLOMITES – Hiking Tips

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Dolomites are one of my favourite mountain areas, and the best way to discover them is HIKING!
In this video I’m showing you 5 easy tops in the Dolomites.

NOTE: you still need to have a bit of experience with hiking to achieve these peaks
Also, some of these hikes have some easy parts of via ferrata. I personally didn’t use climbing kit in these cases, but consider doing it if you feel like you want to be safer.

Col De La Puina:
After passing the beautiful Passo Staulanza, you’ll keep driving down for a couple kilometers to reach a wide parking spot on your right. You will follow a wide gravel road in the forest, that will quickly take you to Rifugio Città di Fiume. From here, you’ll keep going up, and you’ll turn right to follow a grassy ridgeline. The last part is quite steep, but you will quickly make it to the first top, and after that, to the highest one.

Gran Cir:
The hike start from one of the Most Popular mountain passes in the Dolomites, Passo Gardena. From here, you will follow the trail number 2 that rises crossing many ski slopes.
You are getting closer to the rocks, and you will hike all the way up a rocky culoir.
From here, a very easy iron rope will guide you on a wide ledge. This part requires a bit of attention but it’s technically very easy. You will soon reach the upper part of the peak, and a trail with some other easy parts of via ferrata will lead you to the top!

Croda Negra:
From the Parking lot of Passo Falzarego, you’ll start following the trail number 441 that takes to Rifugio Nuvolau. After 15minutes, you will turn right following the trail number 442.
At one point, you will find a 2m high rocky passage. it’s technically super easy and not exposed.
After that, you will find yourself on the higher part of this big rocky hill, and you’ll just follow the ridge. In 1 and half hour you will be on top, and you’ll be able to admire the huge group of tofane in front of you, cinque torri in the valley, and so many other layers of mountains.

Monte Cernera:
The hike starts from the famous Passo Giau.
You’ll start hiking the trail n436, which will give you wonderful views of your final destination.
At one point, the path splits. On the left, Forcella Giau. On the Right, MONTE CERNERA.
you will follow a beautiful traverse with an amazing view towards Passo Giau and Tofane.
Now the most technical part of the strail starts. You will follow a very easy iron rope that will take you to an upper plateau. After a second short technical part, you will arrive very close to the summit!

Monte Coldai:
The hike starts from Palafavera, Val di Zoldo, just like the huge round trip that I showed you in the previous video. You’ll start following a wide gravel road. In 30minutes you will be at Malga Pioda, and the path will get more narrow and steep. You will reach Rifugio coldai and you’ll quickly make it to sella coldai, right over a wonderful little lake. Your goal is the top right over the lake, opposite to civetta. So you’ll turn right and will follow the trail that will quickly take you to the top!

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