Top 9 Solar Camping Gear Items that Never Run out of Power

All the energy that humanity will ever need is stored in our system’s star, the SUN, we only have to be able to catch it. Luckily the outdoors community already has access to the tools and gadgets that can harness the all-pervading solar radiation. In today’s episode of #MustSeeTech we will be exploring the products that never run out of juice and won’t let you down even in the furthest places away from the plug.
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0:39 #1 Biolite SolarHome 620:
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Turning any structure into a well lit off-grid home has never been easier if you are using a kit from Biolite. The Solar Home 620 consists of a Control, two hanging lights and 1 security light with a motion sensor.

1:48 #2 GoSun Fusion:
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Advertised to be 5 times more efficient than a regular oven, the GoSun Fusion is a revolutionary hybrid solar-electric cooker that runs either on solar power or feeds of your car or a powerbank using a 12V port.

2:56 #3 Kingsons Beam Backpack:
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The Beam backpack is the latest offering from Kingsons created for daily commuting, tourism and camping. It is lightweight, water resistant and gives you maximum back support, but the key selling point is the built-in solar panel on the front side.

4:09 #4 Lemon California Roll:
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Lemon California Roll is a solar-powered portable speaker that features 9 custom-made solar wafers capable to fully charge the 5000mAh battery in 7.5 hours. It can then work non-stop for 15 hours.

5:17 #5 GoSun Chill:

GoSun Chill is minifridge that runs on the power of the sun and can keeps the set temperature for 14 hours. It can be purchased in pair with a 30W solar panel or a 60W solar table.

6:24 #6 RokPak New Pioneer Series:

RokPak Pioneer Series combines features of a dry-box, a solar panel, and a powerbank in one compact packaging, weighing under 2 pounds.

7:34 #7 GoSun Solar Table:

GoSun Solar Table is the most powerful solar solution from GoSun, that is basically a large 60W panel on legs that can double duty as a cooking surface or a desk while recharging your laptop, camera or phone.

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Any late or overnight outing does require a reliable source of light to never find yourself in the dark. One of the products that deserves to be recommended to any camper is the all-new E.LUMEN by Renogy.

9:47 #9 GOAL ZERO YETI 500X and Boulder Solar Panels:
Store Link: (Yeti 500x)
(Boulder 100 Briefcase)
(Boulder 30)

GOAL ZERO YETI 500X power station has the capacity of 505 Wh and is compatible with a variety of Goal Zero solar panels, including the new Boulder 50 and 100 briefcase.

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