Top of the World Trail Guide | Stock Jeep and even smaller Jeep Cherokee

Top of the World Trail Guide for Stock Vehicles. Top of the World trail is a difficult trail near Moab, Utah. We find out what are Top of the World’s vehicle requirements. We also show the entire trail and all the obstacles using a stock Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon and unlocked even smaller Jeep Cherokee XJ. We follow the funtreks route and show the overlook, dewey bridge, the no bypass and bypass obstacles including one TrailsOffroad called Nasty. Top of the World Trail Review and breakdown included in the end. Stock Off-road vehicles rock crawling.

Time Stamps:
00:00 A sample of what the Trail offers
00:19 Vehicle Information, Requirements, and Dewey Bridge
1:00 Entrada Bluffs Road
1:37 Top of the World Starts off Easy
4:35 Trail gets Rougher and Rougher as we go
6:40 The obstacle that stops stock vehicles
10:32 Western Easier Half of Top of the World’s Loop
14:40 The famous Overlook via Drone
15:30 Eastern Half of the Loop, much harder
22:15 Trail Review and Break down
23:10 The Bypass of the No Bypass Obstacle
25:00 Zach’s Review of Trailhawks on Top of the World

Channel Info:
My name is Dewie Jones and I’m the reluctant host, videographer, and video editor for the channel. I’ve daily driven a wrangler my entire driving life starting with a 1997 TJ, most recently a ten year old 2012 JK, and now new 2021 JL. I like the challenge of driving a stock wrangler on tough trails. My buds are not new to wheeling either, but for their own specific reasons, now wheel aggressive SUV based off-roaders like Cherokees, 4Runners, Land Cruisers, VW Touregs, and Renegades. We decided Colorado Mallcrawlers was a funny name so that’s how we got here. We film our trail runs letting whatever happens, happen and then later make the video an accurate trail guide with comments on how to do it better than us.

For trail planning, I use the Funtreks Books (amazon search: Funtreks books). I have the current editions of the Colorado books, Arizona, California, and Moab. I finish up my trail planning with TrailsOffroad as they can sometimes have more detail as well as user submitted current conditions feedback. I use GAIA GPS with TrailsOffroad waypoints on UConnect currently. one (although I’m not paying attention to it on filming days). Here’s my video that tells you how I find trails.

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As always, thanks for watching! Your support by liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing really helps support our videos (even tho I know that sounds dumb). Our goal will always be to show you how beautiful this world is via 4 wheels and keep making better videos!

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  • I’ll take an XJ any day. They weren’t perfect, but they were amazing machines.

  • Did it with an FJ80 no lockers and 33s… wait no my wife did it with 33s and no lockers, she drove the hard sections and I spotted.

  • I have had Red Rock 4-Wheelers tell me the trails required big tires and/or lockers a couple times years ago and we then took essentially stock vehicles up what they said was impossible. 35's and lockers? I could have told you they were full of it even before watching you run it. I have taken an old CJ-5 on trails that make this trail look like a highway. Limited slip in the rear only and 31's.

  • Some years ago a friend out in CO told me that technically, off-roading is not allowed. BUT, even the most remote spots and trails are still county roads, hence they can be used. True?? He was trying to get me to bring my old 2003 ML320 out to Ouray to do a run with the local Benz Club – but most of them had G-wagons. I passed. This is a good and informative vid – thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  • Easiest trail in Moab. I’ve seen lesbaru’s up there

  • Where a built Wrangler fails, a $1000 xj built from the junkyard succeeds

  • Thanks for the guide! I'm excited to tackle this on my dual sport this year.

  • The reason for the 35’s and Lockers, is to prevent wheel spin that tears up the trails.

  • Love seeing the XJ making it.

  • I did this trail a year ago with a stock XJ w/ open diffs, just skid plates and a good set of A/Ts. It had some ice but overall it wasn't that bad.

  • My Tacoma (stock 2019 TRD Off Road on 31s) could probably do the easier side with some good line choice, main worry would be hanging up on the hitch. I did get some funny looks from guys in built Wranglers when I took it down Black Bear pass, but other than a few love taps to the front skid plate and a few minor hitch scrapes it did fine.

  • So looks like no problem for stock Rubicon if you're not allergic to using your lockers. The real question, could a KL do it without its transmission overheating or blowing up? I remember having to watch the trans temp gauge like a hawk when 4 wheeling with the KL Trailhawk that I had. That POS also blew up a transmission at 30k miles. That XJ would be unstoppable with some lockers, it was flexing really nice on Nasty.

  • Is it just driver skill, or does the little XJ seem to impart and depart the tough obstacles clean, while the JK is just dragging across them time and time again?

  • Ya, took a subi with tall tires up there two years ago.

  • thanks for this. looking at departure angles, now I know my tacoma will need a high clearance steel rear bumper before making the trip out here.

  • Are these two Jeeps on Low 4×4 gear?

  • Great video. Would love to see a stock gladiator join your team.

  • So, how did Side-by-sides do as compared to jeeps?

  • I hope someone picked up the beer cans that some ass hat left on the ground around 9:50. I'm digging the guide good job

  • I took my stock JK down Kane Creek in Moab. I had 33 inch tires and had never been down a trail like that, and probably shouldn't have been but I had my grandson with me and one we were in it then there was no turning back. We had a blast and I can't wait to go back.

  • Has anyone done this without a locker?

  • Did this trail with my brother in my stock 2015 jku sport. Including the east loop in the dark with nothing but a cell phone flashlight lol. Top of the world at sunset was incredible but had no no idea what that east loop had in store for us. Glad it was downhill. First time seeing your channel and looking forward to watching your videos.

  • This was great to see lol. So is that front camera worth it on the new JL? Trying to decide if I want it. Also is the factory steel bumper winch capable?

  • Just because you can drive it doesn’t mean it’s a trail. Lol

  • I wish you were doing it in a Sport.
    A stock Rubicon is extremely capable. We’re you NOT using your lockers?
    I drive a 2 door Sport S. I’ve got a 3” lift on 35’s but I’ve got no lockers.

  • your "stock jeep" is the off road package designed for exactly what you're doing with it in the video. the cherokee getting up there is impressive. a wrangler rubicon from the factory could do that shit all day, assuming whoever's driving it isn't a complete idiot.

  • This takes me back i remember it being a lot easier when i did it. I remember doing that bypass/no bypass just following and being dumb. Did it though

  • I have done tons of things in my 04 Grand with 33's with a stock Vari lok in the rear and TruTrac in front. Small 3" lift on long arms. Love the look on peoples faces when the "soccer mom" rig pops out of the trees on the top of the hill. Miss out west wheeling, lived in AZ during the 80's. Here in northern Michigan it's heavy trees and cedar swamp mud.

  • Ya definitely don’t need 35s. I did Moab rim, hells revenge, top of the world, and find and things even though it’s not that tough of a trail. In a 1999 Jeep Cherokee on a 3 in lift on 31s and took the hard lines. I did have a rear auto locker though. People that say you need a fully built rig with atleast 35s are a joke. Some trails do need them though.

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