Trail Guide All Terrain Tire Review ( BEST ALL TERRAIN TIRE CHEAP )

My Review on the Trail Guide All Terrain Tire.

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  • These are a great option for the Western Maryland winters. The noise he is talking about is very minor but with most All terrain tires most are never a quite tire so take it how you want it. I get even tire wear but I do maintain my 2006 Chevy Colorado with 177k. So as long as your vehicles alignment is not out of whack these tires are a very affordable option that have very nice traction and can handle most bad weather to a point.

  • I think I will go Cooper too💪🏻👍🏻

  • Eldorado tire brand is actually owned by Cooper Tire & Rubber. So is Starfire and several other brands. I'm buying a set of these for my Ram 2500. I always try to buy Cooper tires or tires made by Cooper. I'm retired now. So I'll save $200 and buy the Eldorado tires.

  • I've got a small construction company. And i've got these tireson my truck. I pull allot of equipment all the time. Haul allot of heavy weight in the bed and on trailers. I'm that guy who overloads everything on a regular basis. On and off road rutinley, and I'm impressed with these tires. Heavy duty construction, great traction in all situations. Zero complaints. I'd buy them again.

  • This is the kind of review I like to see! Not some dude that just bought them but rather someone who can share how they’ve held up and what to roughly expect. Great video.

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