Turkey Run Park Trail Guide: Wild Hyacinth Trail

The Wild Hyacinth Trail is a beautiful 2.07 mile out-and-back hiking loop located in Turkey Run Park in Louisville, Kentucky.

We hiked this trail on April 2, 2017 and documented a dozen different wildflower species in bloom, which you’ll see in the video. The trail itself is one of the very best in the Parklands of Floyds Fork and is notable for being a hike-only trail (the surrounding Paw Paw, Hickory and Chinkapin trails are all hike-and-mountain-bike shared trails).

Park at the Ben Stout House parking lot (also the trailhead parking for Boone Bottoms Trail) and cross Stout Road to the trailhead. The trail starts with a gentle climb, paralleling Turkey Run creek and crossing a few small tributaries along the way, which offer views of nice, small waterfalls, when water levels are high enough.

The Louisville Loop will be to your left, and eventually, at 0.6 miles, you’ll cross Louisville Loop and enter the beautiful upland forest section of the trail. Just after the Louisville Loop, you’ll come to a fork in the trail, which forms a circle that takes you past a beautiful pool and waterfall you’ll want to explore. Also notice the old stone wall when you cross Turkey Run at the top of the circle.

When you get back to the fork in the trail, backtrack back down the trail to the parking lot. At the top of the circle, the Paw Paw trail is only a few feet away. A makeshift trail connects the two trails, making for a longer loop, if you’d like to add distance to your hike.

The trail conditions are gentle, with no steep elevation gains, even though you’re following a creek toward its source. The trail is all dirt, which gets very muddy in rainy conditions, so be prepared.

We hope you enjoy the guide, and even more, we hope you enjoy the trail. Leave your impressions in the comments section below!

Directions to the trailhead:
1. From the Gene Snyder Freeway, take exit 19 for Billtown Road and head east.
2. Stay on Billtown Road for 0.8 miles, until you reach a “T” intersection.
3. Turn left on Seatonville Road and drive 1.5 miles until you reach Turkey Run Park
4. Turn right into Turkey Run Park
5. Drive past Seaton Valley Trail and the flat bottom land and climb the hill past Sky Meadow.
6. At the bottom of the hill, turn left at the “T” intersection
7. About .1 miles, turn right into the Ben Stout House parking area, with its yellow silo

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