Ultralight Backpacking Is Really Expensive – How Much My Gear Cost

I hear all the time how expensive it must be to buy ultralight gear, so I decided to go through everything I use on my own trips, and see what it all cost! With the catch of comparing it to a more traditional setup.

I’ve used this gear in some cases for 7,000 miles and hundreds of nights spent outdoors backpacking without needing a replacement. So when considering overall cost you also have to look at the value it has given.

I’m not looking to pick fights, just have fun, and look at all the cool options. I’m happy to see anyone getting out there regardless of their style.


Backpack –
Cell Phone –
Sun Hat –
Hiking Shorts –
Trekking Poles –
Shoes –
External Battery –
Dual Port Charger –
Flashlight Handheld –
Flashlight necklace –
Watch –
Rain Jacket –
Socks –
Sunglasses –
Food Bag –
Toothbrush –

Tarp, stakes, beanie, gloves –
Jacket –
Wind Pants –
Quilt –
Sleeping Pad, Groundcloth –

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