USNH Guam – HIKING SAFETY: Leptospirosis

Hiking in Guam is one of the best outdoor activities, but there are a few things you should be cautious of before venturing out. Sailors from U.S. Naval Hospital Guam share hiking safety tips before venturing through the island’s hiking trails.

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  • I believe I had lepto when I went swimming at menenggon river, it was one of the worst fevers I ever encountered, my body was aching so bad I couldn’t stop crying ! Every night it was like impossible for me to sleep. Thank god I have knowledge about this virus now and will be careful the next time I go swimming in a river.

  • Nice to know! My husband and I are hoping to get out to Guam sometime next year and will likely be doing a bit of hiking. I haven't been back since we moved away when I was ten, but I very clearly remember the hike out to Tarzan Falls. We went a few times and the swordgrass was awful! It was everywhere, and so easy to grab onto by accident if you started to slip.

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